5 Best Sharepoint Application Development Tools to Make Your Life Easier

As your business expands and you aim to keep customers satisfied, keeping your software up-to-date with Sharepoint application development tools should be your top priority.

Sharepoint application development tools are great for doing so by enabling you to download free templates for immediate use. Best part- they are designed with you in mind; tools made accessible for non-developers and easy to learn.

Of the multiple options available, these 5 Tools are real winners…

The Top 5 5 Best Sharepoint Application Development Tools:

1. Color Me Happy: Color Palette Tool

Branding is a must. Your company’s recognition is paramount to its success. The Color Palette Tool was created for this exact purpose, allowing for easy branding. Instead of outsourcing to a designer, having to explain your vision, you can instantly theme all relevant materials. By creating and uploading your exact color file or design to the theme gallery, you create a new ‘composed look’ which can be applied to every page on your site. Although this tool is only v1.00, so far I like what I see. Make your mark, set the tone.

2. Aiding in Daily Tasks: Debugger Canvas Tool

Keeping your site debugged and working properly is a tedious and sometimes arduous task. The Sharepoint application development tool — Debugger Canvas — is a relatively painless solution.

As the debugger is launched, a canvas is created, bringing your code into a single-pan and zoom display, allowing you to scroll through the code you are working on and select a specific part in order to see the exact method you are debugging. Facilitating a bigger picture moment, giving you the advantage of debugging multiple threads side-by-side, brings you up to speed in an efficient and comprehensible manner.

Another great plus, Debugger Canvas gives you the option to reuse the canvas bubbles when content is the same, to when creating new cases for each invocation of a method.


3. Testing-Testing 1-2-3: Smtp4dev Testing Tool

Smtp4dev is an excellent Sharepoint application development tool. Without having an internet connection, you can still test emails by viewing them directly in the tool’s UI. This allows for easier testing through the SMTP server. It verifies their logic and correctness, even if the emails are automatically scheduled for various times. And since it won’t send the mail to the actual user, there is no reservation about flooding inboxes while testing the solution. Not to mention the added bonus of a smooth workflow of demos without interruption.

4. Seeing is Believing

CKS Dev has created a Sharepoint development application tool as an extension to Visual Studio. You will be able to find relevant information without leaving the application, providing extensions in four core areas: Environment, Exploration, Content, and Deployment. In other words, no more external tools are needed. This tool enhances the development experience and makes you a more productive developer. This is accomplished through its expansion of functionality that enables you to manage your routine more efficiently and provides you with quick deploy changes to code and assets. With this tool, coding adventures await you!


5. Managing the Right Way: Sharepoint Manager

This tool enables you to browse every site on the platform, viewing every property in a simple and intuitive manner. Its interface is created so that quick and easy navigation is a given. Almost all of the items in your SharePoint environment can be investigated from this tool, making it a crucial tool for both skilled and first-time users. An invaluable application to say the least.


Once you begin exploring Sharepoint application development tools, you will wonder how you ever managed without them. That’s how good they are.

Marissa Hart is the Lead Author & Editor ShareMe. ShareMe is a blog focused on SharePoint Online. SharePoint Online delivers the powerful features of SharePoint without the associated overhead of managing the infrastructure.