5 SharePoint Tips and Tricks You Need to Know

If you use SharePoint for your website, you may want to learn easy SharePoint tips and tricks that will help you to professionally design your site to it’s best looking. There are many SharePoint tricks and tips that you can use to enhance your website design. In order to make changes on your SharePoint site, you must have some administrative privileges that will allow you to do some editing. As the SharePoint site administrator you can edit your site and add or delete stored data.

Top Five SharePoint Tricks and Tips

How to download a file from a SharePoint library through your computer command program

If you frequently download and upload files to your sharepoint site, it’s good to get familiarized with tricks and tips that will help you to easily perform the actions. By simply using your computer command program you can easily upload and download files from your computer.

Once you are connected to your SharePoint site, open the command prompt from your desktop computer or laptop and follow these instructions.

  • In the message box of your administrative panel, locate the download and upload links. Click on any of the links to locate the file you want to upload from your computer
  • Locate all the files you want to upload and click on fix-and-upload with CMD
  • The CMD file option will automatically fix any errors on your files and upload them to your SharePoint site

Quick Tip

If you want to select and upload multiple files, hold on ctrl and click on all the file headers.

  • Use the shortcut menu to easily locate and upload hidden files from your computer. For example if you want to upload unsupported file formats to your SharePoint site, locate the file folders and click on ctrl and U. All the highlighted files will be uploaded.

How to Upload Files to Your Library

You can upload files to your library by easily drag-dropping them to your site respective folders. To perform this procedure first open one-drive or your site library. Locate all the documents that you want to upload and drag them to the empty space which indicates “Drag Files Here” .


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  1. In the add a document box click on the browse button to upload an individual file. If you want to upload multiple files from your desktop, use the file explorer to upload as many files as you want.
  2. Most SharePoint libraries have a limit on the number of files you can upload, For example in a particular field, you can only upload only one file at a time.
  3. It’s recommendable to always check on the file size limits and type of file extensions that you can upload to your site, before uploading any document.

How to bypass authentication process and upload files to SharePoint using Outlook

In order to open a file in office outlook 2010, 2013 or 2007, you must first connect to outlook library. Instead of using the long process of authenticating Microsoft office outlook with your SharePoint site, you can simply bypass this long process and directly open and transfer files between the two programs with ease.

After you have downloaded files to you computer or to outlook. The program allows you to edit and use them when you are working offline. Any file that is not downloaded

If you have a SharePoint or Microsoft OneDrive, you can save your Word files into any of these sites, and then use the Share command to allow others to read or edit their copy of the file. Batteries file one copy with everyone’s comments were completed. (Which can make the other exactly your file depends on the permissions you grant them).

Here we explain the process from start to finish. Jump to the section you need.

Start SharePoint or OneDrive adding to its list of sites in Word.

1. In Word, click File> Save As> Add a site

2.Add a site, click the service you want to use, such as SharePoint or Office 365 OneDrive.

3.Complete the login screen that appears for the corresponding service. You may need to contact your IT department for a username and password.

Once finished, the new location will appear on sites in the Save panel and Word

How to Add to a new site and share

Once you have added a location from the cloud to your list of sites, you can share the document. You only need to do this once per file.

  • Open the document you want to share
  • Click File> Share> Save in the cloud
  • In the Save As page, double click the location you want to use: the SharePoint document library, a location on your computer, on my site or OneDrive
  • Type a name for the file and click Save. You return to the Details tab, so click again Sharing
  • Invite people enter the names or emails of users who share things

1. If desired, select can change or you see. The first option allows collaborators to change the file. The second maintains a safer file.
2. Type a message in the box under the direction line, if you want, and then click Share.
Share a document has already been saved
If you already saved a file to SharePoint or OneDrive, follow the steps listed below.

  1. Open the document you want to share.
  2. Click File> Share> Invite people.
  3. Invite people enter the names or emails of users with whom you are sharing something.
  4. If you click You can edit or require a user to log in before using a document. The first option allows collaborators to change the file. The second increases the security of the file.
  5. Enter a message in the box under the direction line, if you want, and then click Share.

Stop sharing with someone

Here’s how to stop sharing a document with someone

1.Open the document you do not want to share.

2.Click File> Share.

3.Invite people click with the right mouse button on the person you want to remove and click Remove user.

More information about OneDrive and Office 365

  • To open an account OneDrive, Register for a Microsoft account .
  • To sign up for an account Office 365 SharePoint, visit the home page of Microsoft Office 365 .
  • If your company has SharePoint and you have questions about intended use, contact your system administrator.

The above article illustrates the five common SharePoint tips and tricks , you can use to modify your SharePoint site.

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