5 Tools You Must Know That Will Make Migrating to SharePoint Online Effortless

* This article is part of a book called “The Survival Guide for Migrating to and Adopting SharePoint Online.”

Here are 5 tools that can help you make SharePoint Online easy to adopt.

1. WalkMe

CIO has touted WalkMe as “Among 8 Web Apps That Will Change Your Business”, definitely with very good reason.

WalkMe is all about simplifying the SharePoint experience, for which it really leaves no stone unturned, including SharePoint Online migration.

One of the foremost advantages of WalkMe lies in its simplistic interface that allows relative newbies to also use the app with ease. Further, WalkMe helps to provide just-in-time performance support to SharePoint users, thereby shortening the learning curve with less time spent on gaining proficiency in it. Users will have a higher level of confidence in using the platform, not having to focus on how to do what they want all the time.


2. DocAve

DocAve from AvePoint is another tool that will make migrating to SharePoint Online effortless.

In DocAve’s case, a major advantage is the ease with which it allows migration to take place. Typically, pre-migration planning in case of SharePoint migration has to be nothing short of phenomenal with a lot of things to think through before one can commence with migration. But with DocAve from AvePoint, even with relatively less planning, one can go ahead with the migration with ease.


3. Content Matrix

Content Matrix from Metalogix has consistently proven to be an excellent tool when it comes to effortless migration to SharePoint Online.

Akin to WalkMe and DocAve, Content Matrix is easy to learn and implement. So there is very little time and effort that you will have to invest in actually learning the ropes of the app…within a matter of minutes you will be good to go.

Further, there is ample support available from Content Matrix as far as planning for migration is concerned, particularly when combined with its proprietary Migration Expert tool.


4. Tzunami

When it comes to easy migration to SharePoint Online, yet another name that comes to mind is Tzunami. In Tzunami’s case, both migration and consolidation of content into SharePoint Online prove to be completely effortless. Moreover, it has a variety of sub-tools / sub-capabilities within its broad migratory tool, such as Exchange Migration, Aqualogic Migration, DocuShare Migration, and LiveLink Migration among others that together make the whole effort of migrating to SharePoint Online really very easy.


5. MetaVis Migration Suite

MetaVis Technologies offers its MetaVis Migration Suite which has a variety of features that make migration to SharePoint Online fairly effortless.

No matter what form or type of content it may be, including sites, lists, workflows or metadata, MetaVis Migration Suite makes things quite easy.

Moreover, analysis proves really easy as well, both prior to and after migration.

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