5 Top SharePoint How to Tutorials

SharePoint is an incredibly popular platform, offering users a flexible means of accomplishing many tasks. This flexibility can often present challenges for the user as the wide array of options and customization available can make working with SharePoint a daunting task. Fortunately, users can draw from many different SharePoint how to tutorial videos, which cover diverse topics relating to SharePoint. Whether you need to implement small changes, change management plans, or are experiencing technical problems- tutorial videos are a great way to find helpful answers.

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Tutorials for beginners- videos that cover the basics

Getting started with SharePoint can be intimidating to some, but watching a tutorial can clear up many of the questions you may have. Such tutorials are also handy for explaining the platform and process to the uninitiated. A good example is “Introduction to SharePoint” (https://www.premierpointsolutions.com/training/free-SharePoint-training-videos/) which covers the basics in about 60 minutes. Or if you are needing to learn how to set up nothing more than a basic blog, take a look at this cool SharePoint how to tutorial video directly from Microsoft’s Office Support page.



Tutorials for when you need change management plans

The Office Support page also offers some intermediate level tutorials, designed to help users who need to delve into functions beyond the basics of SharePoint. Whether you need to change management plans or are simply looking for some clarification on the best way to get things done, these can be very beneficial. Do you need to organize or configure a SharePoint library? If so, have a look at this helpful tutorial which will set things straight.



You will learn not only about organizing and configuring SharePoint libraries, but additionally how to restrict access to a given library. If you’ve decided the conversations on some posts are best suited to a small group of people, there’s a tutorial which explains how to post to a team site feed, and you can check it out here.



Don’t overlook YouTube as a source for legit SharePoint how to tutorials

Beyond the viral cat videos and random blogger pages, YouTube actually includes a number of very useful and helpful SharePoint how to tutorials on many different topics- and SharePoint is no exception. You’ll find everything from the basics to more advanced information covering things such as ways to change management plans and troubleshooting various problems which may come up. For example, if you need information on how to link SharePoint 2007 to Outlook 2007, there is a tutorial to show you how.

This is just one of close to 2000 SharePoint-related videos available to watch for free on YouTube.


Not knowing how to make something happen, or needing to find a better way to do so is a great reason to turn to the knowledge base of other users. Fortunately, you won’t need to read a large amount of text and fumble through the interface to make it happen. By watching SharePoint how to tutorials you can not only gain insight from other users but also see exactly how to accomplish the tasks being covered.

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