A Comprehensive DocuSign for SharePoint Review

You can now send, track sign and store vital documents electronically with the use of Office 365 SharePoint site, thanks to DocuSign for SharePoint Online. Docusign for SharePoint assures you that your important documents are well managed and they are securely stored and easily accessible. When using SharePoint Online, you can easily sign and insert signatures to your documents directly.

How Docusign for SharePoint Works

When you want to launch the software, you will select the Docusign action in the document library’s ribbon bar. You will then indicate the recipients, then tag your documents. You can also sign the documents personally. Once done, you will be able to track the document’s status and it will be stored back to SharePoint automatically when every party have been DocuSigned the relevant documents.

How to Send a Document

When you want to send a document with Docusign, you will:

1. Upload the documents: Here, you will be needed to upload the relevant PDF, MS Word or any other common document from your hard drive. The document can also be uploaded from Dropbox, Box, OneDrive or Google Drive.
2. Add The Signing Recipients: After uploading, you will be required to add the relevant people who will sign the given document. This will be in accordance with their email addresses and names.
3. Place the Tags And Send: You will simply drag drop the Docusign tags to specify where you will want the initials, dates and sign to be. After done, click on Send and the recipients will receive an email link from Docusign on how they can access the document.

How to Sign

1. Click the Email Link: You will click on the link sent via email to access the document. This can be done on any device.
2. Follow the Docusign Tabs: The tabs will guide you via the process of signing, you will also be shown how to adopt a signature. The electric signatures are 100% legal, secure and accepted everywhere.
3. Confirm: When you are done, you will have to click on Confirm Signing to finish the process.

How to Manage

1. Check the Status: Pull up the Docusign dashboard to view the schedule, status, run reports, and also view the audit trails. You will be able to know the location of your document when you are signing it. There is an auto reminder that will notify you in every step. When done, the document will be saved automatically and be available for signing, downloading and printing 24/7.

2. Manage your Documents: once all is done, you will easily manage the internal users, and put the document available for the desired recipients. You can also set policies via the Advanced Options.

Who Can Use The Docusign for Sharepoint Online?

The software relies on the service of Docusign and is specifically customized to work with Docusign Enterprise or Business subscriptions. It is also optimized for many users and the Advanced Docusign features. Nevertheless, it will not work with Professional, Ink or Personal Docusign accounts.

This software is a great tool for managing documents on the go and ensuring they are well secured and the designated members can view them freely. Manage Your documents Freely and quickly with DocuSign for SharePoint Online.

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