Understanding SharePoint Access

SharePoint Access 2013 allows people to host standard Access databases in SharePoint. This ability is within the basic context of an Access application. It is important to understand that Access applications for SharePoint are completely new in SharePoint Server 2013. You can build these applications using the Access desktop client. It allows you to create,

How To Improve SharePoint Collaboration

Knowing how to improve SharePoint collaboration may require the consideration of a number of crucial aspects. Many employ Microsoft SharePoint as a state-of-the-art solution to enhance their information-sharing and collaboration, but even the most efficient IT professionals fail to maximize the utility of this software. With that said, tools and resources are available to the

SharePoint Integration Options

There are some available SharePoint integration options that are offered by this software. These options allow you to maximize the uses and benefits of this software. When you use this program properly, you should be able to improve your business performance effectively. It can integrate several parts of your business, including content management, document management,