How to Lower the Cost of Training Employees Who Use Sharepoint

Is the money you are investing in employee training providing the return you expected? If, after training your employees, they keep coming back, asking the same questions that were answered in the training program, you know you have a problem. If you notice that employees are not very productive because they spend valuable time digging

SharePoint Products Preparation Tool Overview

The SharePoint products preparation tool may not be able to organize and install the needed SharePoint Windows Features. This can happen if you are attempting to install the 2013 SharePoint Server on particular Windows Server 2012 settings. In case this happens, then the tool will constantly attempt to organize and install the necessary features, then

How to Get Employees to Learn SharePoint Quickly and Actually Use It

We have all been tasked with teaching stubborn employees about new products or software. Even though the software will improve their efficiency and the business at large it is still a difficult sell. Gartner Analysts write about taking your SharePoint usage to the next level: “A SharePoint-savvy business analyst or internal strategic consultant can find

Extensive SharePoint Task Management Overview

SharePoint Task Management Overview SharePoint is a technology that helps with website development. You need tools and technologies to create websites that carry on a lot of tasks in this Internet age. The relevance of the websites are immense from an organizational point of view, as they share information, collaborate and carry out tedious tasks