SharePoint BI Tools- Best Practices

SharePoint BI tools contain applications designed to work with the Business Intelligence (BI) in the processes of organizations. Specifically they come with tools that support analysis and presentation of data. Although some business intelligence tools include functionality ETL (Extraction, Transformation). ETL tools are not generally considered as Business Intelligence tools. SharePoint BI Tools- Best Practices

Creating a SharePoint Site Collection – What You Need to Know

A SharePoint site collection is a group of websites that have the same owner and share administration settings, such as permissions. When you create a site or website collection, you automatically create a top level website in the site collection. Depending on your organization or business needs you can create one or more sub-sites below

HP Partners with Oracle on Enterprise Customer Experience

HP announced last week  the release of ‘HP Digital Customer Experience for Oracle’, a CX services package designed for Oracle’s enterprise customers. According to HP, this is about assisting business customers to manage customer experience business solutions for more personalized, consistent interaction with their customers across store, web, mobile and social channels. While Oracle and