Extensive SharePoint Dashboard Designer Tutorial

When using SharePoint, it’s very easier to create and publish dashboards for your website through the SharePoint dashboard designer tool.With the latest version of Performance-point dashboard designer, you can easily maintain, create and publish your dashboards. The Performance-point dashboard designer is a tool from Microsoft that helps webmasters to create scorecards, reports, dashboards and later

Understanding SharePoint Business Connectivity Services

Sharepoint business connectivity services is a centralized-infrastructure in office 2013 and sharepoint-2013 that supports integrated-data solutions. With this connectivity service, you can use office 2013 and sharepoint 2013 clients as an interface into the data that is not contained by SharePoint-2013. BCS (business connectivity service) can easily connect to data that is in a web

How to Manage a SharePoint Content Database

SharePoint content database is the most important part of running a successful SharePoint site and without the best customization, some website pages and posts might end up becoming corrupted or unrepresentable. If you run a SharePoint website or content management software, you must always ensure that it’s content database is well managed to avoid frequent interruptions