Creating a SharePoint Site Collection – What You Need to Know

A SharePoint site collection is a group of websites that have the same owner and share administration settings, such as permissions. When you create a site or website collection, you automatically create a top level website in the site collection. Depending on your organization or business needs you can create one or more sub-sites below

Extensive SharePoint Dashboard Designer Tutorial

When using SharePoint, it’s very easier to create and publish dashboards for your website through the SharePoint dashboard designer tool.With the latest version of Performance-point dashboard designer, you can easily maintain, create and publish your dashboards. The Performance-point dashboard designer is a tool from Microsoft that helps webmasters to create scorecards, reports, dashboards and later

How to Manage a SharePoint Content Database

SharePoint content database is the most important part of running a successful SharePoint site and without the best customization, some website pages and posts might end up becoming corrupted or unrepresentable.┬áIf you run a SharePoint website or content management software, you must always ensure that it’s content database is well managed to avoid frequent interruptions

How to Enable SharePoint Anonymous Access

SharePoint anonymous access configurations enables users to access SharePoint files of websites without providing any authentication credentials. Anonymous access helps organizations that create public facing sites to enable some content to be easily available to external users. By default anonymous-access is disabled by the widows sharepoint services when you create a SharePoint web application, individual