Creating a SharePoint Team Site

If you run a SharePoint site, you can allow your site users and team members to create their own SharePoint team sites that will be used to manage useful projects and the related documents of the site. Team site creation is turned on by default and users can create new team-sites by clicking a link located at the top of the parent site. A new team site is created under the root of the main SharePoint website and share the same domain name with the parent site. A good example of a team site page looks like this while is the main website that provides the root domain.

Alternatively the site administrator can specify the path of the team site in a URL by adding some navigation that looks like this

Creating a SharePoint Team Site

Unlike other old version of SharePoint, the 2010 and 2013 version are well customized with options that helps you to easily create a team site by just performing some few actions.

a. Creating a Stand Alone Team Site

  1.  On sharepoint site go to insert-URL here.
  2.  Click on “Create-a-team-site” on the “SharePoint-site-request” page
  3.  On the site “local-Search” page scroll down and read the information displayed and then click on the link located at the end of the results.
  4.  In the next step you will be required to complete a form on the “New-SharePoint-site” page, select a favorable team site template and then click on the create option
  5.  Add the members, visitors, users and owners of the SharePoint site on the “Set-up-groups-for-this-site” page. Click on OK to verify your adjustments.

b. How to Create a Team Site Within an Existing SharePoint Site

If you want to create a team-site within an existing-site, you user account must have permissions from the administrator or you must be the website owner to perform the request.

  1. Locate the ‘site-action’ tab on the sharepoint page or post and click on create.
  2.  On the “Create-page” options under “Web-pages” click on sites and workspace
  3. A new page will be created , complete the provided form and choose a good template for the new team site.

c. How to add content to your new team site

After creating a new SharePoint team site, you can add content to it’s page by using web-parts. Web parts are designed to help you arrange and display content on your sharepoint site. You can use web-parts to display related links, text, document libraries, calendars, images and other useful information to a page.

  1. Locate the “Site-actions” options and click on “Edit-page”. the current page will change to a design mode.
  2. Click on “Add-web-part” at the column that you would like to the web-part.
  3. On the “Add-web-part” dialog box, select all the web-parts that you would like to add.
  4. If you want to ad content on each web-part, click on “Add-new-X” at the bottom of the web-part
  5. After you have finished, click on the “Exit-edit-mode” button option that is located at the upper right section of the page.

How to Let Site Users Create Team Sites

SharePoint allows site administrators to control how users create their own team sites. As a site administrator you can limit users from creating team sites on some pages or simply allow them to gain full access. If you want to deny or allow team site creation follow the illustrated instructions on how to perform this request.

1. On your sharepoint site go to Admin >> SharePoint >> Settings
2. On the SharePoint admin center-page select one of the following:

-Click on “Show the link” to enable your site users to create team sites and to make the links visible on the site pages they create
-Click on “Hide-the-link” to hide new site links from appearing on the pages they are attached. In this option, site users will be able to create sharepoint team sites but the sites will not appear on the pages they attach them to.

3. If you have selected “Show-the-link”, create a path on which new team sites will be created or leave it blank to allow users to directly create new team-sites directly under the root domain site.

4. On show the link choose and select one of the following:

– “An-optional-choice”- to allow users to apply a retention policy for their new team-sites.
-“A-required-choice” – to require all users to apply a retention-policy for new team sites.
-“Hide-from-users”-choose this option to hide the retention-policy from all users.

5. If “Show-the-link” is selected, check the “User-the-form-at-this-URL” box to allow users to use a particular custom template for new team-sites and enter the URL Address of that template. For example the address can be an absolute URL such as or a direct relative URL /templates/customizedtemplate. when using this option, you can easily control and manage the behavior of the new team-sites by specifying the templates to be used.

How to View a Team Site in a Browser

If you want to access a team-site, you can use an updated browser version of Mozilla Firefox, Google chrome or internet explorer 8 and above. Get the team site web address from the site administrator, if the team site address contains limited access, request the site administrator to give you a user account with permissions to access the team-site.

1. Open your most updated browser from your computer
2. Type the web URL address for the team-site in the address-bar and press enter to load the site.
3. if the team-site exists, you will see the following:

– The header – acts as the menu of the sharepoint team site and looks similar to other windows application top menu display
-The “Page-Content” – content is displayed in the body of the page according to it’s web-part customization.
-The “Left-navigation-pane” – This pane provides a quick access to the SharePoint team site lists, libraries, documents and discussion boards.

When creating SharePoint team sites, you can create quick launch elements to enable users to easily navigate and browse the team site. Also when planning the “site search”, you can add more features such as content type, meta data, libraries and lists to make the site content more discoverable through the search box of the page.

Creating a SharePoint team site is a very simple task that can be performed to arrange the site content and how it’s displayed to users or permitted visitors.

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