Extensive SharePoint Migration Tools Comparison

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One of the most important things that you should know is how to use the best migration Tools to make sure that your SharePoint content is saved every time you upgrade your sites or move to a new server. Our SharePoint migration tools comparison will help you choose the best migration tools that will enable you to migrate your files without experiencing any confusion.

SharePoint tools are kind of like Pokemon. Each one does something a bit differently and you just “gotta catch em all”.

What to look for in SharePoint Migration tools comparison

If you are not a SharePoint super user, or still beginning to get the hang of the software, the best thing you can do is to choose a tool that is simple to use. Think of it like a Bulbasaur easy to command and fiercely loyal to its owner. .

All SharePoint migration tools are designed differently, but they all perform the same essential function. Choosing the right tools that are easy to use will not only make your migration work easier but also speed up the entire process SharePoint.

Another factor that you should consider when looking for SharePoint migration tools is the cost of purchasing the software. There are some free software vendors that have developed good migration tools, some of them lacks important functions that help in the transferring of SharePoint files. To be on the safe side, consider using professional tools.

SharePoint Migration tools comparison Guide

The following list consists of the best SharePoint migration tools that have been recommended by the SharePoint Community and Microsoft.

1. Axceler
Axceler is one of the first programs developed to help in the migration of SharePoint files. This software has been available for a long time and most users have recommended it due to its great features and integration.

2. AvePoint
AvePoint is the most commonly used SharePoint migration tool and it has established a lot of reputation on the SharePoint apps market. The best thing about this tool is that it comes with DocAve migrators and DocAve content managers that easily restructure content on a fly.

3. Quest from Dell
Dell entered into the SharePoint migration tools market when it bought Quest bag. Dell has had a growing interest in SharePoint tools and it has improved this software with a ton of awesome functions that enable users to easily migrate files.

4. Kapow
Kapow SharePoint Migration tool is a product of Kofax Solutions and it is one of the best programs that perfectly automates the process of SharePoint file transfers. With just a few clicks, the program works it all by taking all files from content repositories, document repositories, web apps and enterprise cms to a new SharePoint Version.

5. CodePlex
Codeplex is one of the best free open source SharePoint migration tools offered by Microsoft. This program works well for large projects and it provides users with a workspace for developing and testing SharePoint services. With this tool users can access SharePoint migration framework and gain access to Microsoft SharePoint portal servers from 2010, 2007 and 2013 import tools.

SharePoint migration tools Comparison- Which one is the best

Well, for this question we cannot say that a specific migration tool is the best. Every tool has its own features that differs from the rest. Some tools are good for migrating and transferring large SharePoint files while others work well for small files. Depending on your SharePoint files, you can use any of the above tools that perfectly suit your needs.

With the above SharePoint migration tools comparison, you should find it easier to choose a great tool of your own choice. If you are not familiar with how SharePoint migration tools work, consider seeking help from a SharePoint expert. They can walk you through the entire migration process.

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