Great SharePoint Infographic: Search Tips and Tricks

Searching in SharePoint is vital and, for some reason, tends to be an overlooked manner. Mabey it’s because we are so used to look into google and the likes, that we think that we know it all. But, in order to save some valuable, precious (yes, Gollum) time, I found this wonderful infographic by Joel Oleson, which simplifies the process and points out some neat and precise ways to make SharePoint search more efficient.

One of the tips that really caught my eye is “Dedicated 1-2 FULL TIME search employees,” which suggests an obvious for some but radical for others, idea of employees dedicated to that particular target. This, of course, is more suitable for large companies and is not suggested for small work places.

Nevertheless, SharePoint is a fantastic searching tool. I want to emphasize that point, while risking repeating myself, as I found the statistic about 88% of enterprise users failing at finding their searching targets- very disturbing. We, the people who work with SharePoint, have one of the best working platforms in our hands- so let’s make the most out of it!

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