How to Access SharePoint Database Easily

One of the most repeated questions among SP trainees is  how to access sharepoint database.

Microsoft Windows Sharepoint Services can be said to be a business-class application which offers the users the capability to create websites. All the Sharepoint websites usually have features like document library, announcements and calendar.

The users are assigned to the site by the network administrators and they are given some access rights like to write and read.

Sharepoint makes use of the SQL Server technology in order to store information like site content as well as site configuration. It is important that you consider if you want to access the database directly or not.

This is because you might not be able to access the data directly from the DB. Accessing the DBs manually or programmatically may cause unexpected locking on the Microsoft SQL Server which may lead to overall performance problems. The following are some of the steps that you should follow in order to access the Sharepoint database.

The first thing that you should do is to open the HTML editor of your desktop, netbook or notebook. After this, you are supposed to create your HTML content and save the file to the hard drive in a form like “getdata.html”.

This will be your data access page. The next step that you should take is to open the Microsoft Access and then edit or else create an existing database form and table and you may call it “mycontacts.html”. You should then select the Objects in the menu tab. Click “pages” and then double-click the Edit Web page which already exists. After you are through with this the Locate Web page dialog box shall appear.

The next key step that you should do is to select the getdata.html web page you had created earlier. Immediately you select it, the contents shall display on the screen. After this step, simply click “Insert” menu tab and select the “Hyperlink”.

Immediately you do this, the Insert Hyperlink dialog box shall appear. You are then required to type “Click here so as to view the contacts for the web page” in the “Text to Display” field. The next step involves clicking the browse button and then opening the folder that contains mycontacts.html file and selecting it. To return back to the data access page, you are only required to click “OK”.

The next thing you should ensure you do is saving and then closing the data access page. Lastly, you may open the Internet Explorer and find the file getdata.html and then open it. You should ensure that the content available displays correctly and that the link to mycontacts.html file functions.

In conclusion, knowing how you can access the sharepoint database is very crucial in any business that you might be doing. It is therefore advisable that you know the above steps since they will help you know how to access sharepoint database.


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