How To Build a SharePoint Site

When it comes to knowing how to build a SharePoint site, there are plenty of important aspects that need to be taken into consideration. Produced by the Microsoft, the SharePoint is the content management system that is used on local area networks, or the Internet.

It enables the website owner to share the documents in a collaborative manner, with the help of file and document sharing tool embedded in the management system. Microsoft SharePoint Designer is the primary application that is used to create SharePoint website.

The first part of this article will explain a step by step approach to creating a site in SharePoint, with the other part discussing the other essential details.

  • Go to the site contents by clicking the Settings gear icon. To open the new SharePoint Site form, click the new Sub-site link.
  • Mention the name and complete description of your new site in the text boxes reserved for title and description of the website.
  • In the URL name text box, enter a unique site name which will be included in the URL.
  • Click the Team site template on the collaboration tab. Keep in mind that Team Site template is not the only template option. Feel free to choose from other interesting templates as well. No matter what type of template you select to build your site, you can develop your site to add different SharePoint features as you see fit.
  •  Select an appropriate radio button to decide whether to employ the same permissions like the parent site, or go for unique permissions.
  • You can decide whether or not your site to be displayed on the top navigation link of the original site by choosing the “Yes” or “No” radio button.
  • Select whether or not to use the same top navigation link as the parent site by choosing the relevant option of the radio button.
  • You can now click “Create” to create the site.

With that said, you must know the fact that every site is located within another site in this hierarchy. A special kind of site resides at the top of hierarchy, known as the Site Collection. Building and running a Site Collection requires special permissions. Each site within a site is a Sub-site.

The site you created is a Sub-site of another site you created this site from. There is hardly any difference between using a Sub-site and a Site Collection. Both of these sites act and function the same way to the users. The difference mainly lies in navigation, features, and settings.

After you have learned what there is to learn about the program, you can enjoy customizing it for your specific interests. This could significantly help you to deal with issues within your organization due to the time difference between accessing shared documents and breakdown in communication. Thus, all these features make Microsoft SharePoint as one of the most popular programs in the world, as numerous companies are already making great use of this application. Therefore, knowing exactly how to build a SharePoint site is paramount to achieving desired results out of this program.

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