How to Create a Library in SharePoint

If you’ve been wondering how to create a library in SharePoint, you’ve come to the right place.  If you are utilizing SharePoint, then document libraries could possibly offer great advantages. In a share drive, it’s fairly difficult to locate something if you are discussing it with some people. In a document library, you are able to locate and get data in seconds. Through this method you can save a lot of time.

With the help of the document library in Sharepoint you can perform these following tasks very easily.

  • A Document Library is just a selection documents which you’ll be able to share as files along with your associates.
  • A Document Library saves the documents and you will keep up with the information in a variety of files and folders.
  • A SharePoint Document library is a space on a website where you are able to produce, gather, and update records with others.
  • You are able to set the authorization to each Doc Library for that the authorized users.
  • You are able to display a document library in internet component websites as List View Web Components.

How to Create a Library in Sharepoint

In this section, you will find the step by step procedure to create the document library in the Sharepoint, so you will be able to create the document library with in no time.

Step 1

First of all, just open your web browser on your system, and logon into the Sharepoint. Use your login id and password to log in.

Step 2

The next step would be to select the site actions option and then click on the create option.

Step 3

Under create option, you will find the option of libraries and under libraries option you will find the option of the document library. Just click on the document library option.

Step 4

In this step, you would have to enter some necessary information in the respective fields. 

  • Enter the name of the library in the respective field.
  • Fill the description of the library in the description field.
  • You can also put the link of the library, in the quick launch bar, by clicking on the Yes on navigation option.
  • By clicking on Yes on Document Version History option, you can easily create a backup file of a file, whenever you put a file into the library.

Step 5

This is the last step of this procedure. If you have completed all those above steps, then you would just have to click on the create button, and your document library in the Sharepoint would have been created. Just remember, you can create and manage document library in the Sharepoint, only if you have authorized permissions from the administrators.

We hope, if you are looking for how to create a library in Sharepoint, then with the help of this post, you can easily create and manage your document library.

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