How to Create a SharePoint Calendar

For people who do not know how to create a SharePoint calendar, utilizing the incredible platform to its full potential may be derailed as the calendar facilitates organization. For most of the users, the process proves difficult in the middle owing to the appearance of the interface. Creating a calendar on SharePoint is however simple and fast.

How to Create a SharePoint Calendar

The calendar is created in a process that is easy to follow and fast to accomplish.

To create a calendar:

  • Find and click the tab labeled “View All Site Content.” It will immediately open up the “All Site Content” page where you will find a tab labeled “Create.” Click this button as it is the first step to creating the calendar.
  • Click the tab labeled “Tracking” and from the resulting hyperlinks click “Calendar.”

After clicking the calendar hyperlink, you will be presented with an interface that barely resembles a calendar. This is where most people lose track of the process as it tends to be confusing and a bit unappealing. However, it is necessary for the overall outcome of the process.

You will be presented with several boxes where action is required. In the name box, you can give the SharePoint calendar any title you wish. The name you give it will appear at the top of the resulting calendar’s page. It will also be integrated to the web address for fetching the calendar.

You will also find a description box. It is optional to enter any commands in this box, but this is also where you customize some of the important settings like sharing. The description you type will appear at the top of the calendar page but beneath the calendar name. Furthermore, for people who may wish to receive items via e-mail, the description box is the part to add the email address. This makes it easy for other users to find the email address and share.

For people who may wish to add a link to the calendar, use the Quick Launch section and click on the “Yes” tab in the Navigation section. In the resulting new page, you can check to see whether there is an email section available. If so, this means that your calendar is enable to receive items via email.

Furthermore, for people who may look to add events and people to the calendar via email can also make that possible in this section. Simply click on the “Yes” tab to add relevant people and scheduled events to the calendar to enhance organization.

This is the end of the process. From here, you can click on the “Create” tab to make your calendar part of your SharePoint space. Unlike during the creation process, it will have a much more appealing interface, and the structure allows order and organization in scheduling of events and accomplishing different projects.


Depending on the amount of data you want incorporated in the calendar, it should not take you long to complete the process. If you follow this guide, you now know how to create a SharePoint calendar easily and fast.

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