How to Create a SharePoint Data View Web Part

The SharePoint Data View Web Part  is a set of data that can be formulated to display values from the entered data. It allows one to create relative connections between two sets of data without necessarily having to write complicated extensive codes to connect the data sets. SharePoint allows you to easily link your web parts by choosing the correct button options in the menu list.

This method is very simple to learn and it does not require you to do extensive coding.

Data View Uses in SharePoint 

With a SharePoint data view web part you can display data from a wide range of sources such as XML documents, SharePoint lists, server side scripts, web services, libraries and database queries. Data views also presents live views of data that can be filtered, styled and applied with different conditional formatting with the use of SharePoint environment tools. When uploading items to a SharePoint site, SharePoint users should know how to create good web parts that will portray a good design of the entire SharePoint site.

Unlike the old version of SharePoint, the latest versions have a different way of creating a data view web part. In SharePoint 2013 you can add data-view web-parts to your pages using the SharePoint designer 2013 with an exception that you will no longer see the design view. A data view web-part gives you a great option to display data with grouping, filtering and user desired formatting.

How to Create a SharePoint Data View Web Part

  1.  First open your SharePoint site in the 2013 SharePoint designer.
  2.  The next step is to create a Web-Part page. After you have designed your web-part, give it a name and click on the “OK” option button to confirm it.
  3.  Light click on the web part that you have created and click on the “Edit file” in order to open it.
  4. After the file has opened click on the “code-view-tools” tab and wait for it to open. Click on the “parse HTML” option in the available code editor options.
  5.  In the next step, locate “web-part-zone” and click on it. After it have opened click on the “data view” icon located at the top of your screen. Once you click on the “data view” you will see a new “XSLT list View Web part” added to your screen options.
  6.  In the “XSLT list View Web part” click on it and you will see the Data View tab appear on your screen. In this part you can now add columns, view data source details, set paging and edit everything you want to change in your old Web part.
  7. If you would like to edit the XSLT of your web part, navigate to the “Design” tab and click on the “Customize-Entire-View” option to do some editing.
  8.  After you have created your data view web part, Preview your changes by using the “preview in browser” option if the “design View” option is missing from your SharePoint.
  9.  If there are things that you would like to change, go back to your SharePoint designer and make the changes and preview them before saving your document.
  10.  After you are satisfied with what you have created, save the page.

When you follow the illustrated steps from the first one to to the last, you will find it easy to create a data view web part in your sharepoint. Creating a SharePoint Data View Web Part is very easy and it requires you to only learn some simple skills.

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