How To Create A Survey In SharePoint

In this post, we’ll discuss how to create a survey in SharePoint. In this guide, we have used a situation where a company wants to ask employees about their views and experience in the previous trainings.

If you are planning to run a poll in your organization or simply want put down questions to know the views of your employees on certain issues, then this question might have instantly popped in your head.

The basic aim of a survey is to prepare a list of questions that enable the owner to get to a conclusion. It can be anything from making changes in the organization to introducing new line of product. You can use surveys to ask people what they think about certain issues, methods to improve the business processes and their opinion on other current topics. A collective survey will give you results and help you reach a conclusion that otherwise seemed complex or impossible.

You can collect results by using several types of questions such as fill-in fields, multiple choice and even ratings.

Step 1: Activate the ‘Team Collaboration Lists’ Feature 

As an administrator, you’d need to select ‘Site Settings’> ‘Site Features’. Drag down the given list and make sure that the “team collaboration lists” features is activated. If it’s not, click on the “Activate”. This can only be done by the administrator.

Step 2 : Create New Survey-List From The ‘Create’ Menu

Once the above given feature gets activated, you should be able to browse through the “Create” menu. This menu can be accessed from the menu item listed as, “view all site content”. Select the “Survey list” from the list and name the list created.

Step 3 : Add Relevant Questions To The Survey

Once the list has been created, it’s time to put some relevant questions to the list. Decide the motto of the survey and frame questions accordingly. Let’s assume, you want to know about your employees’ views on the previous training session held in the organization.

Then you might want to put up questions related to the activities performed and lectures given. Let’s take a look at some examples:

  • Did you get training in SharePoint?
  • Have you been trained on steps to raise a Change Request?
  • Did you receive Agile training?
  • Did you learn how to fill a risk-assessment form?

Step 4 : Configure The Prepared Survey

By this point, you must be totally satisfied with the survey shaping up. It’s time to revise the questions, settings and get set to go! But, there are a few things you’d need to do from this step onwards.

Click on the survey-settings page and set the permissions to edit and branching logic. The Branching logic will enable you to perform some simple conditional-testing for particular answers. For example, if the second question is “Are you a male or a female”, based on the answer the irrelevant questions will be automatically skipped.

One final setting that you might as well want to change is about assigning permissions to edit, change and view answers once they are input. Make sure such responsibilities are only assigned to people who are not supposed to take the survey.

With all this information at disposal, you now know how to create a survey in SharePoint and share it with your target audience.

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