How to Create a Wiki SharePoint

Creating a wiki SharePoint is a quick and easy process that anyone can follow. The purpose of doing this is having your knowledge base that you want to share with other people and the best part is that your teammates can add their own information too on your SharePoint site, making team collaboration ideal. The latest version of SharePoint has some new features that can make the creation of pages more effective. These are the steps that you have to follow for creating your first wiki site in SharePoint.

How to Create a Wiki SharePoint

Creating a New Wiki Site

For creating a new wiki SharePoint site you will have to go to Site Content from Site Settings. Once you are here, click “new Site“. On the Site Page you can use an Enterprise Wiki Site template for making a site. In the latest version of SharePoint the Category Search box and Page Rating to the right can be found as default options. Every wiki site features a library that can include additional wiki pages (two by default. A Content Author can have three pages by default: Enterprise Wiki Page, Redirect Page and Project Page.

Making a Wiki Library

A Share Point site allows a creation of document libraries that can also be quickly edited. While you are on the site, there is a link called Create in the Site Actions menu. After the Create page opens, there is a link called Wiki Page Library right below the Libraries category. A title and a description can be inserted for the wiki in the New page. Here you can have the option to show the wiki in the Quick Link or not. Now go to the Create button and click on it.

After creating a new wiki SharePoint library, the library will be populated with two pages from which you can learn the usage and purpose of the library. The knowledge base that you create in a share point site has content that can be searchable from within the site. Linking to other pages can be easy, as all you have to do is enclosing the title of the particular page that you want to link to between two sets of brackets. In the case in which the page you are linking to does not exist, you will see a dotted underline on the link.

If you click this link, a new page will be created that will have the title of the link. From now on, exactly like in many old documents, the following items can be added: links, images, text, etc. Once all the information has been added other people in your team will be able to view it, edit it and insert their own information as well.

Bottom Line

In this article, the basic steps for creating for working with SharePoint have been covered. But, this is just a small part of the capabilities offered by this website. There are many other features that teams from an organization (such as an IT department, for instance) can use. It can be important to know these basics of creating a Wiki SharePoint that have been presented here for understanding further functions.

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