How to Create SharePoint Web Parts

If you want to customize the SharePoint platform then writing SharePoint webparts is the best option. Web Parts are used to combine the flexibility of the web part pages with ASP.NET. In order to create SharePoint web parts one must have knowledge of ASP.NET, visual studio and SharePoint. A stepwise method of developing a visual studio SharePoint environment for creating web parts is given here under to make it easy for you.

You must have Visual Studio 2005 or its later version along with SharePoint 2007 and network access to a Windows 2003/8 server to start with SharePoint webparts creating steps. Normally Windows SharePoint Services 3.0 and Visual Studio 2005/8 or Windows 2003 Virtual PC with .NET 3.5 are used for this purpose. You must have administration rights on your SharePoint server and targeted SharePoint web application to create web parts uninterruptedly. Without the necessary administration right, you may not create the web parts, you want to

How to Create  Visual Studio SharePoint Web Parts

First you want to open a SharePoint project and select ‘Project Add New Item’.

Second, expand the SharePoint node in the ‘Add New Item’ box and select ‘2010’.

Next, you want to choose ‘Web Part’ in the list of templates. Select a name for the web part and hit ‘add’. The web part shoul dnow appear in Solution Explorer.

SharePoint web parts can be created to customize the SharePoint platform and enrich your experience.

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