How to Download Files From SharePoint

It’s time to learn simple ways on how to download files from SharePoint. The SharePoint sever allows one to download site files by using different file export and import platforms. If you use Outlook to manage your emails and site information, you can also use it to download files from your site and edit them in Office 2007/2010 Outlook instead of using your browser. For many years, SharePoint has been proving great user interface for many business and government organizations. In order to use SharePoint without experiencing any difficulties, you must learn all the tips and functions of a SharePoint server.

Learn How to Transfer SharePoint Files Using Windows Explorer

Windows explorer offers a great platform that allows SharePoint users to easily copy and paste multiple files from a SharePoint site. Instead of uploading individual files to a SharePoint site, you can use windows file explorer to copy them and upload multiple files to different site directories of your SharePoint site. Uploading single files to SharePoint is time consuming and requires one to strain a lot in order to achieve something.

Windows explorer allows you to use various methods to download files from your SharePoint site to a backup location on your hard disk, DVD or online cloud storage. In order to use the windows explorer functionality, you must first create a drive map sung your SharePoint site “URL”.

Follow these steps to download and copy files using windows internet explorer

1. Navigate to the SharePoint site that you want to upload or download multiple files. Open the internet explorer browser and type the address. Press ‘CTRL’ and “A” keys on your keyboard to select the URL address. Press “CTRL” and “C” keys to copy that URL.

2. The next step is to set up a network drive on “My Computer” using the start menu. Once you open “my Computer” on your laptop or desktop, select the “Map-Network-Drive” option on the tools menu. Allocate an available letter to the new drive. For example if you have two hardisk with names “local disk C” and “Local Disk D” , choose another letter for your SharePoint site apart from these two.

3. Once it’s created, open it and press on the “CTRL” and “C” keys to paste the SharePoint url. The reconnect at Logon” icon or check box will indicate whether a mapping connection exists. Once you have confirmed that there is a connection between your SharePoint sever and computer, click on the finish button to complete your mapping.

4. A new window will pop up and display all the contents of your SharePoint site and the site folders available for download.

5. If you want to access your site folders and files, click on the Shared-documents icon to access all the files that are available in your directory.

6. Download all the SharePoint files and backup them in a hard disk or removable storage. Saving your files will help you restore back your site in case, you accidentary delete important files in your SharePoint server.

Easy Ways to Move Diles and Socuments to a New Location in SharePoint

If you are new to SharePoint, you must be very frustrated no drag drop future in the library of your site. Instead of saving the file to your desktop and then uploading it again, you can use some functions in your site library and minimize the time wasted when uploading new files.
1. On your SharePoint server, locate your document library and hover your mouse to the document that you would like to move. A list arrow will appear on your right and a check box on your left. Click on the list arrow and choose “sent To”
2. On location choose “other Location”
3. The copy dialog box will pop up on your screen. Type the destination of your file or directly paste the URL to download that file. Make sure you have set the right file destination.
4. Click “OK” a pop up box will request you to very your information. If it’s collect, click on the “oK “ button again.
5. After the copying is done, click on the “Finish” button.
After you have already copied the new file, edit it and save it in it’s original post. You will be required to delete the previous file or choose to replace it with the new edited file.

Learn How to Download Large SharePoint Files From a SharePoint Server

Do you want to learn how to download files from SharePoint? Follow these simple steps and you will discover new ways of downloading and upload large files to your SharePoint site.
1. SharePoint provides different softwares for downloading multiple files from a SharePoint sever. One of the most used app is the Sky drive pro. Sky drive Is one of the best SharePoint app that you can install in your computer to easily download and upload large files to your SharePoint site, server or computer.

Using SkyDrive to download large files from a SharePoint site

  • Before you can use sky drive to download large files from SharePoint, you must first analyze your files according to their properties. Check out the following properties
  • The total size of the “File-Share-Data” that you want to download
  • The number of files in total
  • What is the size of the largest files
  • The types of files available for download

2. When it comes to the total size of all files you can download with with sky drive is 100 gigabytes . Depending on your website number of files and file capacity, you can connect sky drive with your SharePoint site to download all the files. Most SharePoint hosting companies have a limit on the number of files you can host on your server. If you use a self-dedicated server that has unlimited storage capacity, there is a big possibility that your server will have more than 100 gigabytes of the total sizes of files.
3. Companies, businesses and corporate organizations with huge files can easily download customer data, videos and all files in their SharePoint site with just a simple software.
4. To download large files you will need an unlimited internet connection with high speed internet connection.
5. Sky drive comes with a step by step manual that helps user to easily connect their SharePoint sites with a computer hard drive.
6. After you have installed sky drive in your computer, follow the software manual to connect your site with a computer hard drive location, for download.

By using sky drive app, you can be able to download and upload small to large files between your computer and SharePoint server. If you want to learn how to download files from SharePoint, download sky drive manual and follow the illustrated steps to easily download files from SharePoint.

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