How To Edit A List In SharePoint

How To Edit A List In Sharepoint

Microsoft’s SharePoint provides users with various lists to help them manage business activities within including file sharing and exporting. The SharePoint service site harbors lists, including contacts, announcements, calendars, issue-tracking among others. These lists are subject to regular update which involves adding, editing and deleting items.

Regardless of the changes needed, the procedure basically involves the same process. Additionally, sharepoint enables users to edit the list templates to allow for customization. To edit lists in SharePoint, including templates, one must have the contribution permission which can be authorized by site owners or administrators. The steps explained here are aimed to guide users on how to edit a list in SharePoint.

Editing lists in SharePoint

Editing a list mainly involves manipulating the items within the list including adding, editing, deleting as well as creation of columns.

1. Add new item

Lists such as calendars, links and announcements may appear in web parts (building blocks for webpage) default homepage. Items can be added directly without opening these lists through links that appear for example “add new event”. If this is not the case, click the name of the list on Quicklaunch. The name should appear automatically otherwise, search by clicking All Site Content.

From the New menu which has a small arrow, select item type like New Item which is the default type. There may be other types depending on whether they were already added such as New Vendor. Enter the required information concerning the item which is identified by a red asterisk. One can also attach a file to the list item by clicking Attach File. Lists can also be set up to allow item addition via email which is only possible for listed authorized addresses.

2. Edit list item

To edit an item in SharePoint, open the list in Quick Launch and point to the item which needs to be edited. An arrow should appear once the cursor touches that area. Click on the arrow and then select Edit Item. Items can also be edited in datasheet view directly or exported spreadsheets and other database programs. The same procedure is used to edit survey responses and clicking on the item for calendars.

3. Deleting items

To delete an item from a SharePoint list, access the item from Quick Launch or view All Site Content. Click on the arrow that appears when the cursor is placed on the item and then click Delete Item. This is the same procedure for graphical views of the calendar and survey responses. Items can also be deleted directly on the datasheet or exported to spreadsheets from where deletion can be performed.


Editing lists in SharePoint is a very simple process that does not require any expert technological skills. Provided users have the needed authorization, Quicklaunch provides easy navigation to enable addition of new items, editing as well as deleting. Templates can also be customized to suite the businesses operations. However, the above instructions illustrate how to edit a list in sharepoint. The basic steps for how to edit a list in SharePoint can also be used to create, change or delete columns.

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