How to Embed a Video in SharePoint

Adding videos to your SharePoint website is a good way to present your products and business or services that you offer to your customers. Rather than requesting your customers to learn about you and your services, you can provide them with useful videos that describes more about your business, products and services that you offer. If you want to learn how to embed a video in SharePoint, follow this guide and you will be able to embed a-video to different parts of your SharePoint site.

How to Embed a Video in SharePoint

  • If you have a great video that you would like to upload to your SharePoint site and share it with your customers or visitors who visits your site, without necessarily using a video site, follow this steps.
  • Storing a useful video on your SharePoint website can be a convenient and fast way of sharing videos with visitors or customers.
  • Before you can upload a video to your SharePoint website you should ensure that the video is well compressed to a certain format and it’s suitable for the SharePoint web-page.


  • On your SharePoint Browse to the web-page where you would like to put the video.
  • On the “page” tab options, click on “edit”.
  • Make sure you place your cursor to where you want a video to appear.
  • On the insert tab of your options, click on the “Video&audio” and choose “From-Computer”
  • To select a file click on “browse”
  • From your computer, select a video and click on “open”
  • Choose a library from like “Site-Assets” in the Upload-Media window next to the Destination library
  • If you want to embed the video to the web-page click “OK”
  • If you would like to embed the codes for the videos that you want to upload, click on “Edit-Snippet” on the-bottom of the video player. Edit the CSS or HTML on the SharePoint web-page and click “insert”
  • When you are done with editing the web-page, click on “Save and Publish”

How to Embed Existing Videos From Your Website

If you have a-video that is already uploaded-to-your website, you can learn how to embed a video in SharePoint and embed it to your SharePoint pages. The steps of embedding an-existing video from your website are similar like those of Uploading a video to your site, the only difference is that the-video is `already stored to your site in a library of your SharePoint website `of embedding it to a web-page.


(1) First browse or locate the web-page `where you `want-to add a video.

(2) On the page tab options , select edit.

(3) Place the cursor to where you would like your video to appear on your SharePoint site.

(4) On the Insert-tab options on your page, click on the “Video&Audio” and choose from your SharePoint site.

(5) Choose and select the library where your video is located such as “Site-Asset” in the select Asset-window

(6)Find your video and choose Insert

(7) Click on the “Edit-Snippet” at the bottom-of the video player if you want “to-customize” the embed codes of the video. Change the CSS or HTML on that page and click on Insert.

(8) After you are done with customizing, click on “Save and Publish”

Adding a video to your SharePoint very good way to outline or present products, services and business to your customers. If you follow the above steps, you can easily learn how to embed a video in SharePoint and do it yourself the easy way.

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