How to Get a SharePoint List ID

With the SharePoint list ID, you can easily edit and share important documents from a single interface over the Internet. If you want to store your documents online, you can drag them from your computer into your SharePoint account.

A SharePoint account enables you to access your documents from any computer or mobile device that connects to the internet. As long as you have your SharePoint account details, you can easily share files and documents among your colleagues by using the “share” option button to select the names of your workers stored in your SharePoint. When creating your files, you can make restrictions and permissions that can allow everyone to edit and view SharePoint documents.

Task Organization and Project Management

SharePoint sites enables users to create projects and tasks of a specific organization. The site created are only accessible to colleagues and members of the contributor list. SharePoint site are very useful and can be used to assigns some particular tasks to specific people, store important documents and manage the timeline and calendar of an organization events.

With the SharePoint site, you can also store OneNote notebook documents of a particular assigned site or task group. Every site is entitled to have an email Inbox which easily integrates with outlook to create a dedicated inbox.

How to Get a SharePoint List ID

SharePoint does not provide you with an easy way of creating a list Id. However, with some little knowledge on how sharepoint operates, you can easily create your own list id by following the steps below. There are many times that you will need to find the id of your list when setting the task list to be used with the SharePoint workflows.


  • The first thing is to open your SharePoint from your computer
  • On your browser navigate to the SharePoint list
  • Once the browser directs you to the list, select the “Setting” plus “list settings” from the menu command.
  • On this page, copy the URL from your browser address bar into Notepad++ or your desktop notepad.
  • You will get something that looks like this https://example2013/Projecty/_layouts/listedit.aspx?List=%8B26534EF9%1DAB3A%1D46E0%1DAE56%1DEFF168BE562F%7D

On this URL delete everything that comes before and includes “list=”

  • Change the first symbols of “%8B” to something like this “{“
  • Make a change all symbols of “%1D” to something like this “-“
  • ┬áChange the “%7D” at the end to this “}”

After your have done the changes you will be left with a unique List Id that will look like this—–{47635EF9-AD5A-44F0-ABRE6-ETT346BE148F}

This works on all latest version of SharePoint.

With the Microsoft SharePoint software you can store links to web pages that are hosted on a local windows server and the List ID enables you to make projects, share documents and create files in your SharePoint easily without using complex procedures.

With the SharePoint search tools, you can use it to search for different List ID’s stored in your account, look for people in your organization and also search for previous projects. The SharePoint-search tool is intuitively designed to be able to pick up on previous searches and adapt to quick changes effectively. Knowing how to locate your SharePoint list ID is a important skill that you must have when developing sharepoint documents.

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