How to Link SharePoint Lists

Microsoft SharePoint Services usually guides you on how to link SharePoint lists. These services enable you to store various links to the Web pages on the local Windows servers. The links help the users to simply navigate between various data views as well as forms which you tend to use particularly in your Web application. Each and every SharePoint link list normally includes a set of attributes which specify a name, location and also the category of the list items.

Lists are actually a way of organizing work-related tasks, the information as well as other items that you can share with a work group. They can take the form of the upcoming events or even work-related tasks. They are frequently created in different types of folders throughout the database. In order to combine two or even more lists, you have to move them from their site or original folder into a combined folder.

Every enterprise has a set of the commonly used links that is usually required to be standardized as well as made available to the end users as a collection. Some of the examples of such collections include Intranet Links, Quick Links, Corporate Services and many others. One way that you can standardize and also make these links available to the end users is by simply making them available in form of a web part. To realize the solution, you must create a few links first.

How to Link SharePoint Lists

Step 1

First, simply go to the home page and then select ‘create’ from the ‘Site Actions’ menu. It should then bring up a certain page whereby you are supposed to select ‘Links’ that are listed under ‘Tracking’ category.

Step 2

After you select the ‘Links’, you will get another page. Provide a relevant name meant for the list as well as a description. Always keep in mind that the name that you provided for the list will actually be the name for web part. If you happen to select ‘Yes’ for  ‘Display this particular list on the Quick Launch?’ option, then the link together with the name provided will simply be displayed on home page on the left side.

Step 3

After selecting ‘Create’, another page will appear. Select ‘New’ in order to create the new links.

Step 4

Once you have selected ‘New’, you will find another page. To it, add URL of the link and also provide a name which you would like to be displayed for that link and quite a relevant description. Then click ‘OK’ which should create the required link. For you to create more links, simply repeat step three and four.

Step 5

One feature of the SharePoint is that once you create a custom list, it creates a List View Web part that bears the same name which you gave to the list. For you to use this particular web part, go to your homepage and then select ‘Edit page’ from ‘Site Actions’ menu. It should actually navigate you to a new page. Then select ‘Add Web Part’ for a pop-up window to appear. Finally, select ‘Test Link List’ web part.

These are the steps on how to link SharePoint lists, which are quite simple as well as easy to follow.

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