How to Move Documents in SharePoint

Microsoft SharePoint is a web application platform that has gained a lot of popularity since it was launched, but most people do not know how to move documents in SharePoint. This platform was designed to make it easy for organizations to engage with employees and share ideas. It has reinvented the way people work together within an organization. SharePoint makes it easy to organize the project, people and information. Information technology departments can take advantage of its features to control time, cost, and risk.

You may have to shift documents from one library to another in this platform at some point, especially when you want to archive information. Other Microsoft programs allow you to move documents by simply dragging them from one location to another. This is not possible with this platform. It does not have some of the Windows features that most people rely on to shift or copy files to a new location. However, there are ways to move the documents you want.

Explorer View

SharePoint has a unique view referred to as Explorer View. This view makes it possible to apply Windows Explorer features on this platform. To use Explorer view to move files, open the specific documents library in the destination and source location simultaneously. It is easier to do this with two tabs in the browser. Change to Explorer view using the dropdown menu on the upper right-hand corner. You may have to enter your password to change the view if you are using a hosted environment.

Select the documents that you want to move from the source location. Right click and choose the copy option from the menu that appears. Access the destination library and change to the Explorer View. Right click and select paste from the menu. Once the documents have been moved you can change the view to All Documents.

Multiple Files for Mac Users

Another common obstacle for people who want to know how to move documents in SharePoint is working with multiple files on Mac computers. It is possible to move several files between libraries on a single site.

If you use a Mac, multiple files that are in SharePoint can be moved using Microsoft Document Connection. This feature is available in the Office 2011 Suite. It makes it possible for Mac Users to simply drag and drop the files they want from one location to another. To use this feature, select the Applications feature in SharePoint. When the Microsoft Office Suite folder appears, select Microsoft Document Connection MDC. Once you access this feature click on the Add Location option. Select Connect to a SharePoint site and then enter the SharePoint site URL.

When you move the document, it will be possible to see it in the original location and a copy in the new library. After the document is moved, it is a separate document. This means that any change you make to the new document will not be reflected in the original one. However, if there are changes that are made in the original, you will get an alert. This allows you to make changes in the document you moved as well. You can choose to delete the source document after you learn how to move documents in SharePoint.

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