How To Move Folders In SharePoint

You are probably reading this because you want to know how to move folders in SharePoint. If you have not been using SharePoint for a long time, you are highly likely to have trouble when you try to move files. Maybe you have tried to drag your files to a new location but it didn’t work. It can be really frustrating when one tries to do this seemingly simple task without success. Luckily, moving folders in SharePoint is not as hard as it seems. If you have the right steps on your fingertips, you can be able to move folders with ease.

Here are simple steps that you can use to move files in SharePoint.

1. The first step is opening document libraries in both the destination location and the source location at the same time. You can either decide to open two different browser instances or you can open two tabs in the browser. It does not matter how you do it provided that both the source and the destination of the folders you want to move are open.

2. Change the view of your browser to explorer view. There is a drop down menu on the upper right hand side where you will find the option to change views. If your password is requested, then enter it once. If you are asked your password again after entering it the first time, hit the cancel button. You will eventually get the explorer view after canceling about three times. Although this seems strange, it actually happens. Most people usually give up at this stage after realizing that they are not getting to the explorer view after entering their password one or twice.

3. Go to the source document library and select all the files or folders that you want to move to the new location except the forms folder. Right click and then click on copy. If you don’t want to leave copies of the folders you are moving in the source document library, use the cut option is instead of the copy option.

4. Switch to your destination document library (i.e. where you want to move your folders to). Change the view of the browser to explorer. Right click and then click on paste.

5. When you are sure that you have moved all the folders that you wanted to move, change the browser view back to all documents.

When you complete these 5 steps, your folder or files will be safely moved to the new location. It is that simple. If you are moving only a few files, then it will definitely take you only a few minutes to have them in your new destination.

There many other ways that can be used to move folder in SharePoint. This is just one of the simplest ways that you can use to move your folder to any destination you want. Feel free to learn the other methods that can be used to move folders in SharePoint if you want. The method you use to move your files does not matter provided you have them where you want them to be. With these 5 steps of how to move folders in SharePoint, you can comfortably move any folder fast and easily.

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