How to Sync Sharepoint Folders with Local Folders

How to sync sharepoint folders with local folders could at times be unreliable and as a rule time intensive. The point when exchanging indexes from WSS to MOSS, there is no inborn technique to test for index consistency and form between an existing Sharepoint 2003 site and MOSS 2007 site. We will utilize ROBOCOPY from the Windows Server 2003 Resource Kit Tools to fare information from an existing archive library to a neighborhood offer which can then be scrambled and transferred to send. Accompany the steps sketched out underneath:

First and foremost you will need to introduce the Windows Server 2003 Resource Kit Tools to either a Windows XP desktop or the Server 2003 server that the Sharepoint 2003 site lives on. Once introduced you, will have the ROBOCOPY summon line apparatus accessible for utilization. The instruments will dwell in “C:\program Files\windows Resource Kits\tools” and could be gained entrance to by means of the charge line, or the easy route to “Order Shell” through the Windows Resource Kit Tools program organizer made in the Start Menu.

The following step will be to guide an existing Sharepoint 2003 Document Library to a Network Drive on the PC or Server that Robocopy is introduced on. This might be carried out by setting off to My Computer, and after that selecting Map Network Drive from the Tools record menu. In the window that shows up you will need to select a drive letter that is accessible and not being used, and additionally sort in a Folder name. The envelope name will be designed as takes after, for instance: http:\\\docs\doclibrary, where example.phase2com is the entryway name or location used to gain access to the site, Docs is the sub site if the library exists in a sub site, and Doclibrary is the name of the archive library we are set to fare indexes from. When this is mapped, it ought to show the substance of that archive library inside the foundation of that drive.

At long last we will need to fare the information from that Document Library to a document envelope for capacity and ensuing transferring. As a sample, the information we will fare will be any information that has a changed date of 04/18/2008. You will initially need to open the summon brief to utilize robocopy. Once in the summon brief, you will need to utilize the robocopy order line device as accompanies:

robocopy z:\* d:\fileshare\* /E /Z /Copy:dat /Maxage:20080418

In the above case, these are the criteria and switches utilized.

o z:\* – File source, hence we might have mapped the record library being fare from to the Z:\ system drive on the PC

o d:\fileshare\* – File objective, where the fileshare is on a nearby drive on the PC

o /S – Copy subdirectories and prohibit vacant ones

o /Z – Copies in restartable mode

o /Copy:dat – Copies document Data, Attributes, and Timestamps

o /Maxage:20080418 – Copies documents with a last altered date of 04-18-2008 and Newer (Excludes records with a last changed date that is before 04-18-2008)

Running the script above will have robocopy perused through the mapped drive and duplicate just those documents fresher than the date set. When the fare has been finished, the customer will then have the capacity to transfer those documents to us for transfer into their MOSS site.

The above must be run for each one Document Library that they might want to fare and fare just newer/updated information. This is since we can just guide the Document Library from Sharepoint and not the whole site.


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