HP Partners with Oracle on Enterprise Customer Experience

HP announced last week  the release of ‘HP Digital Customer Experience for Oracle’, a CX services package designed for Oracle’s enterprise customers. According to HP, this is about assisting business customers to manage customer experience business solutions for more personalized, consistent interaction with their customers across store, web, mobile and social channels.

While Oracle and HP often are against one another in competing in the enterprise technology sphere, they are partnering in this instance in the customer experience field.

In addition to its own products, HP will recommend Oracle’s software, along with consultation and strategic advice on how to best deploy them, through its Enterprise Services division. Yet it does seem the focus here is on services, not on a particular new software created jointly between the two companies.

“Consumers increasingly associate their digital experience with a company’s overall brand and reputation, making it even more important to exceed their service expectations and rise above the competition,” said Robert Hildenbrand, vice president, worldwide Oracle Applications Services, HP Enterprise Services. “Our services coupled with Oracle’s software enable enterprises to deploy cross-channel solutions that can help companies drive repeat business, customer retention and advocacy.”

According to HP’s press release, the HP Digital Customer Experience for Oracle offering integrates HP’s services with Oracle’s customer experience software, “creating a compelling set of services to integrate new systems into an enterprises’ existing landscape.  This includes agile delivery, continuous integration, system testing, identity management integration, security, governance and reporting framework, operations and maintenance.”

The update promises an enhanced IT system that, according to an official statement from HP, will connect the “cloud, security, big data and mobility into a comprehensive solution” and enable better connections between companies and customers. For enterprises, this proposes to simplify software integration into their existing systems, as it will incorporate analytics and security features that align themselves with what is already in place.

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