Increase ROI with These Brilliant SharePoint Apps

Investing in SharePoint is no small matter. Let’s take a closer look at the best SharePoint apps to use in order to get the best return on investment.


Give your SharePoint site mobile capabilities

Allowing staff to use the system on mobile devices is a great way to make your site more useful. There are a growing number of SharePoint apps which allow users to perform certain functions directly from the Android and iOS devices they’re already using. Apps such as SharePlus give users a means of sharing to the system, editing online/offline documents, creating charts and more; all while on the go. This makes using the system less of a chore for the end user, and allows your team to access the information they need in a convenient and user-friendly way.


SharePoint Apps which boost user engagement

Among the many applications available for the platform are apps designed with user engagement in mind. Adding apps which increase staff involvement within the SharePoint site is a great way to ensure end users check the site daily while also increasing overall productivity. Apps such as Daily Information for SharePoint 2013 provide users with helpful information that appears each day; allowing users to check on call lists, cafeteria menus and more without leaving the interface. By providing the user with the information they will find interesting, workers are more likely to actually check the site daily.


Add functions which make life easier for your IT department

In an ideal world, everything functions as it should without hiccups. Unfortunately in the real world this is not always the case, particularly with IT. Fortunately there are SharePoint apps which can help increase the time your staff spends being productive while decreasing the number of calls to the IT department. A good example of this is VisualSP Help System, an application which allows users to access help videos, screenshots and more- all without having to leave the SharePoint interface. Another useful application is Password Generator by 3 Pro, which streamlines the process of creating new passwords and allows your IT staff to focus on more critical tasks.

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Add social functionality to your SharePoint sites

Many apps provide social media integration into your site, allowing for convenient real-time information to be added to the system and relayed to your team. Plug the usefulness of tweets directly into your SharePoint site with apps such as SharePoint Twitter Web Part by Coding Staff; which allows you to easily keep users updated and engaged. This app also allows each user to manage their twitter module directly from within a SharePoint site; making the process more easy and appealing.


SharePoint Apps to make your site easier on the eyes

Many SharePoint Apps help to improve the design and aesthetics of your site in an efficient and effective way. This makes using the site more appealing and pleasant for your team. Apps such as Media Rich ECM for SharePoint accomplish this by allowing you to build a video channel with preview capabilities while also supporting over 400 media file types. And if you are wanting to enhance multiple SharePoint sites more efficiently, take a look at SharePoint Branding Tool; a free application which allows you to modify the themes, CSS image paths, and master pages across multiple sites in an easy yet effective way.


The success of SharePoint is due in part to its flexibility and the wide range of tasks it can be used to accomplish. Using third-party SharePoint Apps is an excellent way to increase ROI on your investment; by boosting worker morale and interest while also utilizing it more effectively with greater efficiency.



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