Learning Infopath SharePoint

Using Infopath SharePoint, you can personalize the forms that you will use to create and edit various items in the SharePoint. Each field that is in the list will be displayed in a 2 column table by default, when you are creating or correcting items on SharePoint. Though this is standard for several situations, there are some that will allow you to control the available layouts. The feature also allows you to insert lively behaviors to the form used.

Customizing a list with Inforpath SharePoint

With the help of Infopath, for customizing s SharePoint list, you will be able to reorganize the controls like placing the State and City fields in an easy-to-view style, like side-by-side. This can be done on one line in order to avoid straining when viewing the fields. You might also use executive features like conditional formatting to hide and show the sections of the form in a dynamic way.

• Create a List

You can create a list on SharePoint in 2 different ways, which will be able to customize them. You can do this either via SharePoint or InfoPath.

1. From SharePoint

You will browse through the available list, then select it. You will then click on Customize Form. This will allow you to open InfoPath and the list that can be customized will load up automatically.

2. From InfoPath

Click on File, then New and select SahrePoint List. After that, you will be required to enter the appropriate Sharepoint site’s address, located on the Data Connection Wizard. When you are done, click on Next and do either of the following:

• Customization of the Form from an active form

Here, you will need to click the Link for Customizing an Existing Form, then choose your desired list for customization and click on Next.

• Creating a List then modifying the form.

Click on ‘Create a New SharePoint List’, then name your list as you require. When you are done, click on OK, then Finish.

When the existing or newly created list launches, the form will appear in a 2 column table. Having done the above actions, you will be able customizing the validation, rules and layouts in order to design the form.. To create a new column in SharePoint, you will need to add new field into InfoPath forms.

You will add a dynamic behavior in the form using a control rule. This will be done by clicking on Add Rule, under the Rules category. The Rules will help you to ensure that a future date or email address that is inserted in the relevant format.

Publishing it

Once you have terminated the customization of the List, you will be needed to publish it to SharePoint. You will start by Clicking on File tab, then Quick Publish, which will distribute the form on SharePoint. If you will be prompted, you will Click on Ok to allow the publishing.

You can customize your own list from SharePoint with these features, which makes your tables and form look unique enough, according to your preference. InfoPath SharePoint gives you the opportunity of modifying the list or creating a new one, with your own personalization.

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