Monthly Roundup of Top SharePoint Articles!

SharePoint is a powerful tool that makes it easier for companies to stay up-to-date and co-ordinate their efforts on projects. Nowadays, you can find plenty of articles with tips, thoughts and ideas on the topic, but why spend much time browsing when you can get the very best here? Below are best of the month articles on SharePoint.

How to Lower the Cost of Training Employees who use SharePoint 

The valuable money and time spent on training employees who use SharePoint must provide the expected returns. The SharePoint training must focus on results, use on-screen and on-demand technology, update the employees on the software changes and only concentrate on the relevant information. Always be willing to initiate changes in your training programs.

SharePoint 2013: Hide List and Column Headings

Many SharePoint 2013 users want to hide the column headings and make the page look more of a regular web page than a page full of lists. You can remove the additional clutter by editing the web part and then cleaning up the display list. This gives you an option of removing the checkbox column, removing the hyperlink and all the columns that are not needed.

Step by Step Guide on SharePoint Content Search Web Part

The Content Search Web Part (CSWP) is an accurate and powerful feature as compared to the Content Query Web Part (CQWP) that was in the earlier versions of SharePoint. The CSWP takes a shorter time when running queries and allows you to display information from many other sites.

Using SharePoint as a Learning Ecosystem Solution

The Microsoft SharePoint is a digital platform that can be used in the learning curriculum for upskilling, onboarding, professional training, and certification. When investing in a Learning Management System (LMS) is costly, the SharePoint can be used since it has many valuable tools, has a good user interface and is an extensible collaboration platform.

SharePoint 2016: What We Know

Microsoft, in a session presented by Bill Baer, has lifted the curtain and revealed some interesting details about the SharePoint 2016.The head of SharePoint at Microsoft explained that a lot of work has been put in the SharePoint 2016 as companies move into a more cloud based world. SharePoint 2016 will be released early next year.

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