How to Access SharePoint Database Easily

One of the most repeated questions among SP trainees is  how to access sharepoint database. Microsoft Windows Sharepoint Services can be said to be a business-class application which offers the users the capability to create websites. All the Sharepoint websites usually have features like document library, announcements and calendar. The users are assigned to the

National SharePoint Survey: Where Are You On Your Journey (Infographic)

Various surveys indicate that while SharePoint is used in many businesses, there are several barriers around user understanding that stand in the way of a successful “SharePoint Journey”. This infographic by the OBS Team (Australia) visualizes data from a variety of survey questions from over 350 respondents. You’ll find useful tips on how you can

5 Ways to Drive SharePoint User Adoption

Enterprise adoption of SharePoint is on a steady rise; in fact a recent survey by Global 360 (a document management company) revealed that 90% of their respondents currently use content in the browser-based document management platform. Moreover, 67% of those that use SharePoint use it for all departments, indicating that SharePoint isn’t just for the

How to Train Your Employees to Use SharePoint Effectively

Microsoft SharePoint is a platform, used to create a wide range of websites and applications, which has steadily seen increased adoption in the enterprise market. More and more companies are coming to use this platform as a secure place to organize, store, share and access important information from any device. SharePoint is very popular because

How to Prevent Users from Ditching SharePoint

Approximately three in every four Fortune 500 company makes use of SharePoint, according to Microsoft statistics. The reason for this is simple – it increases productivity across the organization. Business use SharePoint to centralize administration, improve collaboration and provide teams with the tools that they need to meet their goals. But, unfortunately employees will often