SharePoint Alternatives You Should Know About

Fortunately, the internet is not lacking in free or cheap SharePoint alternatives. The alternative you select would entirely depend on what type of tasks you wish to achieve with collaborative server software. If you simply want source of sharing, editing, and getting access to organizational documents from anywhere, you would most certainly be looking to opt for a simple cloud-based service.

Or, if you want to collaborate with the other organizational members on building a website, then you may need to look for a completely different set of SharePoint alternatives. No matter what your organizational needs or goals are, there exists plenty of software and freeware out there that could help you substitute for SharePoint. Given below are top four SharePoint alternatives:


Upon visiting thewebsite of this product, you would find out that product is promoted as the No.1 SharePoint alternative. This makes it fairly clear as to which audience Huddle is going for. One of the most effective aspects of Huddle is that it lets you to integrate with work programs such as Microsoft Office, or Adobe Creative Suite. A downside to many other cloud-based solutions is that they need you to constantly re-upload documents, files, or photos, as you are working on them. Huddle only requires you to upload your documents once.

Google Drive

If your needs involve sharing word documents among a few members of the office, you may not even require a sweeping enterprise program. In order to meet your small-scale document sharing requirements, Google’s Docs application could prove to be a great way to incorporate any Word or Excel document changes in your organization. But, the Google Docs can, at the same time, be confusing and frustrating. It lacks the huge number of features available in actual office program. However, Google Drive is a good solution that uses a lot of plug-in to synchronize your Office documents.


A number of blogs, websites, and other online platforms revolve around WordPress, an efficient content management system that provides for everything from article drafting to the scheduling of posts. WordPress sites have become so common nowadays that you can easily say that WordPress is starting to become a go-to enterprise solution for content-based WebPages.

Al fresco

Probably the most popular alternative to SharePoint is Alfresco, a free software program that is very much the same as the other. Whether your aim is content management for your site or simple document sharing, the system can do it all. Alfresco is fully compatible with Microsoft programs, which makes it suitable for handling all kinds of common office documents that SharePoint specializes in. Moreover, it can support many other formats if required.

Selecting the best SharePoint alternative could prove to be a daunting experience. Of course, you want your content sharing and website building capabilities to be strong in order to ensure effective collaboration, higher productivity, and product development. With that said, all of the programs listed above have been proven and authenticated by countless number of customers. Regardless of which alternative you opt for, you will surely be in safe hands.

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