SharePoint Business Intelligence Training and Features

SharePoint business intelligence 2013 offers comprehensive and consolidated BI tools that efficiently integrate across all Microsoft Office applications and technologies. These tools allow quality analysis, reporting, visualizations, and dashboards. These business intelligence tools include Excel services in SharePoint 2013, Visio services in SharePoint 2013, Microsoft SQL server, and PerformancePoint services.

SharePoint Business Intelligence Training and Features

Excel Services in SharePoint 2013

Excel services help you interact with Excel workbooks published to SharePoint sites. Users are being enabled to sift through data and carry out analysis in a browser window similar to the way they do by using Excel client. Excel services offer plenty of new features and tools to support various BI applications, which are:

  •  Users can conveniently explore and perform analysis in Excel services reports that make use of PowerPivot data models, or SQL user analysis. For instance, a user can point to a value in a PivotChart report and seek suggestions regarding how to view further information. Commands like Drill Down To, can also be utilized to conduct analysis. This command can be applied by a simple mouse click.
  • These services help users to view and alter which items are present in rows, columns, and values in PivotChart reports as well as PivotTable reports that are published to SharePoint sites.
  • Excel services support both calculated members and calculated measures.

Advanced analytic capabilities can be achieved in Excel services by applying specific SQL server analysis services.

  •  These services offer timeline controls that work and behave just the way they do in Excel client.

Visio Services

Visio services allow users to view and share Microsoft Visio drawing and Web drawing files. These services let Microsoft drawing files to be refreshed and updated from numerous other data sources. Given below are some of the major features and characteristics of Visio services in SharePoint 2013:

  • Visio services provide maximum cache size.>
  • Health analyzer tools have been incorporated to show the latest maximum cache size parameter.
  • With Visio services, users can add valuable comments to a drawing collaboratively.

PerformancePoint Services

PerformancePoint services are an essential aspect of SharePoint business intelligence tools and features. They help user create and develop interactive dashboards that display key performance indicators and data visualizations in terms of reports, scoreboards, and filters. Following are some of the new features offered by PerformancePoint services:

  • These services allow dashboard migration; users can copy whole dashboards to other users, servers, and sites. This feature enables the user to migrate single item to other environments, while migrating content via Windows PowerShell commands.
  • The user interface has been improved to help users easily view and organize files.
  •  The new business intelligence center is convenient to use, with libraries and folders properly configured.

By looking at the wide range of features and services of Microsoft SharePoint training and certification, a user can easily organize and utilize these resources. These resources will help to augment user’s job skills that are valued by employers. SharePoint business intelligence training and features help users to connect people via an integrated set of high quality features.

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