SharePoint Document Management – Best Practices

SharePoint document management is by far a much more efficient way to store data than by using network drive folders. The use of network drive folders are an archaic idea. They had their place in back in the day, however, a much more effective way of storing data today is with the use of meta tags. Meta tags are meta rudiments used in HTML and XML that offer meta data about a given web page. Utilizing meta tags allows a cleaner and faster way to access information to documents rather than having to search through network drive folders to find the same content.


SharePoint Document Management – Best Practices


Organization is key when it comes to document management and SharePoint is the best way to ensure that your documents are in top order. There are several features to assist you in keeping your documents managed well, organized, and safe. These advantages include alerts, check out feature, content type for driving meta tags, document libraries, meta tagging itself in lieu of network drive folders, and version control feature. It is a good idea when using SharePoint to create several views, which will be discussed as well. All of this can be done in an efficient and neat organizational style with the many SharePoint features.


Alerts are a great way to ensure that other individuals are not tampering with your documents. Alerts can be set up in a document library. They will inform you if someone is trying to change or delete your documents in some form or fashion. This is a wonderful tool for professors to ensure students cannot hack into their computers to change grades or that a disgruntled colleague cannot alter work you have done for a large presentation out of spite, for example.

Check Out Feature

The check-out feature may or may not be necessary to utilize, but it is available should you require it. The function of this feature is to prevent alteration of a document by multiple individuals. This is a good feature to have when there is more than one person working on a specific project or to prevent another from making changes to completed work without consulting you about it first.

Content Type

Content type can be utilized to drive meta tags anywhere they need to go with the SharePoint system. It is able to read the data and determine where to send it based on what the meta tag says. This is much faster and can make a much better impression on a potential client than having to hunt around in file folders for information during a presentation. A sharper presentation is provided by utilizing the SharePoint system. You can just click on a meta tag and be exactly where you want to go in a presentation in one smooth, easy motion. This provides for a much more professional presentation.

Document Library

Setting up a document library is not difficult with SharePoint and it is very accessible to the user. This is another feature that helps to increase safety for documents. It helps you to stay organized as well. You can have as many document libraries as you require. The key to SharePoint management is utilizing the system effectively and in an organized manner that allows you to do away with the old system of network drive folders, which simply take up too much space and take too long to go through to find what you need.

Version Control

The version control is similar or in many cases, another name for the check-out feature. This control inspires employees to observe the rules and stay focused on job tasks. It is a strong deterrent against individuals trying to sabotage each other in the workplace. Hopefully in your workplace this is not an issue, but if you are worried about someone interfering with your documents, this is a good way to protect them.


Another feature of SharePoint is that you can make as many views as you like of a project. For important data, you can use the “simplified” data setting for important points so that you have easy access to this information at your fingertips. The views feature allows for many significant points to be pulled up quickly as they are right at your fingertips. Solid presentations will have a good visual aid. SharePoint allows a flawless production and there is no rummaging through network data folders required to find your PowerPoint Presentations. Your views come up fast because you are now using meta tags to access your PowerPoint files without having to stop and pause. This provides for a more professional demonstration regarding your project.

Internet Exposure and Web Pages

Your views should be made public if they are going to be on the Internet. You want to make sure you utilize the following functions as well to maximize exposure – filters, group, and sort. This is necessary if you want to get seen. They serve the purpose of displaying what you want online so that web surfers can see what you have to offer.

Your web pages only have so much space and you want to use that space effectively. SharePoint is a great tool to assist with this. It can help you set up your pages to look good so they are not too busy or cluttered.

The SharePoint system is much more effective than the antiquated network data folder system of yesterday. It is more efficient, faster, and safer for many reasons. Meta tags are the better way today to access information. This system provides individuals a clean, flawless, organized way of collecting data, presenting it, and storing their data in a way that is far superior. SharePoint just makes more sense. It is setting the new standard in data management. File servers are no longer the best way to manage your files. There is a better way. So get ahead of the curve today. The SharePoint document management practices that can save you a great deal of time and money are here to stay.

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