SharePoint Monthly Roundup

This month’s best SharePoint articles cover the historical rise of SharePoint as a successful management platform, as well as taking a look into the future of the software. Dive in to my monthly roundup of the most interesting SharePoint articles. Hope you enjoy!

Microsoft Issues First SharePoint 2016 Preview

One of the most recent releases this month is a first look into SharePoint 2016. A new feature that it has is cloud hybrid search, allowing you to unify search results between both SharePoint and Office search indices. This can improve on-premises performance without having to invest additional space or money on bulky software.


Why SharePoint Is the Last Great on-Premises Application

This article from CIO gives a concise explanation on why SharePoint is the leading on-premises application of choice. By simply being on the cloud, security risks are minimized, while processing power can be optimized. The floor for developing on SharePoint is higher, making it less obvious to work with, and thus giving a bigger advantage to companies that are willing to use it.

How SharePoint Succeeded To Rise Above the Competition in the CRM Market – Part II

In part 2 of this series of articles, the rise of SharePoint in the CRM market is noted through some in-depth historical analysis. One of the biggest contributors to SharePoint’s success was that it was launched as a part of the Microsoft Office 2003 suite as a part of a package for the first time ever. This was also the first time where they fully integrated fluidity between information, data, files and sites within a network.


SharePoint vs. OpenText for Enterprise Content Management

While both SharePoint and OpenText are viable options for enterprise content management (ECM), there is an argument that the latter is superior for more heavy-duty work. This article makes a detailed list of strengths and weaknesses that SharePoint and OpenText have, making it a solid reference sheet for those researching ECM software.

Leveraging The Power Of SharePoint LMS Integration

This article from eLearning Industry details several ways in which integrating SharePoint with your current learning management systems can create success. Employee engagement, retention of knowledge and creativity is improved when programs are intuitive to use. One of the recent updates that SharePoint has received is a shift into more social environments that encourage collaborative learning and productive processes.

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