SharePoint Products Preparation Tool Overview

The SharePoint products preparation tool may not be able to organize and install the needed SharePoint Windows Features. This can happen if you are attempting to install the 2013 SharePoint Server on particular Windows Server 2012 settings. In case this happens, then the tool will constantly attempt to organize and install the necessary features, then it will restart. This will happen over and over again. Basically, it will restart by default a couple of times, as it tries to configure the operation as expected.

As you are installing the 2013 SharePoint on a single server, then you will be able to set it in order to suit your preferences. When you are through with the set up Configuration Wizard of the SharePoint Product, then you will be through with the binaries installation. Some of the things that will have been installed are the security permissions, registry settings, content database, the SharePoint Central Admin website, as well as the configuration database. When that is done, you can select to run the Farm Configuration Wizard. This will help to organize the farm, choose the services that you wish to use in it and also develop the first site collection in the farm. You can also choose to carry out the configuration of the farm with your own preferences.

Things to consider before installing SharePoint 2013

Prior to installing and setting the 2013 SharePoint on a single server, you will need to consider the following factors:

  • Make sure that you understand the guidelines of the OS.
  • Make sure that you have met all the requirements of the hardware and software, which relate to the installation of the SharePoint. Some of the prerequisites of installation include the Windows Server 2008 R2 SP1 64-bit version. However, for the installation of the server farms, it will need you to have the same Window Server, 64-bit version.
  • You must also ensure that you have carried out the clean installation of the 2013 SharePoint.
  • You should also check that you have prepared enough to set up the needed accounts. This can be done by using the relevant authorization.
  • Another prerequisite is that the parallelism max degree has been set to one, 1.

SharePoint Products Preparation Tool Overview

Installing the SharePoint Products Preparation Tool

When you are attempting to install the 2013-SharePoint on the 2012-Windows Server R2, then the admin may need to know if you have installed the required components of the software on your computer.

Here is how you will ensure that you have installed the relevant prerequisites that will be needed for the installation of the 2013-SharePoint on your computer:

Before you start, you can find the installer app called the PrerequisiteInstaller.exe. This is located in the 2013 SharePoint root folder. All you will need to do is to double click on the file to open it. Clicking on the file twice will open start to check the system, if there is the needed product and if it is up to date. Other than checking for the required product and its update status, the file will also attempt to link the SharePoint to the internet. It will also download the products from the Download Center of Microsoft, then it will install and organize the relevant files.

Installing the 2013-SharePoint on a single server

Having checked that everything is in shape and that the machine is ready for the SharePoint 2013, you will now need to start installing it. Here is a guide on how you can go about it:

  • Start the SharePoint Products Preparation Tool. This will then install all the requirements that will be needed to install the 2013-SharePoint.
  • When the Tool is complete, you will then run the Product Configuration Wizard. This will install and organize the content database, the configuration database as well as the SharePoint Central Admin site.
  • When that is complete, you will need to set the browse configuration.
  • After that, you will need to open the Farm Configuration Wizard. This will organize the farm, develop the first site collection, along with the selection of the services needed to be used in the Farm.
  • The final step is to carry out the steps for post-installation.

This process is less delicate, since the Tool will perform the major functions.

Open the Preparation Tool

You will be needed to have a reliable internet connection when you are running the installer, because the installer will download the components needed in the machine, from the Microsoft Download Center. When you have the internet connection, here is the step you will need to follow;

  • Check that you are using the Setup user account to perform the configuration. This account will act as the admin, which will grant all the permissions and you will be able to access more functions through it.
  • Open the installer. You will then need to open the PrerequisiteInstaller.exe file, which is located on the Download folder. When you find it, click on it, then it will start running.
  • When you click on the .exe file, it will open a page. This dialog box will be the SharePoint product prep tool, which you will only need to click on Next. There is no much requirements at this point.
  • When you click on Next, it will take you to the page of the License Terms of the product. When the page opens, you will need to check the box that asks you to Accept the terms. You might want to read through the terms and conditions, but you will be sure of agreeing to them. When you have checked the box, you will then need to click on Next.
  • The next page will indicate that the installation has been completed. You will then need to click on Finish, which will wrap up the entire process in a short time.

When you have completely installed the Tool, you will then need to install the KB 2554876, 2708075, 2759112, and the KB 2765317.

Generally, you can make your entire installation process simpler by clicking on the installer. The installer will check for updates of the softwares, it will download them and configure them accordingly. This installer is the SharePoint products preparation tool.

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