SharePoint Rest API – The Complete Guide

With the SharePoint REST API, you have a platform that helps you to manage standard languages and Web technologies. The Representational State Transfer – REST interface does not need the referencing of client assemblies.

Alternatively, it allows you to reduce your Web app footprints, which is an important aspect for mobile apps. REST contain apparent benefits that can be used for mobile apps that have been written for other non-Microsoft interfaces like Android or iOS. Nevertheless, it is also an important tool for developers of Windows 8. An app for Windows 8 that has been written in Javascript and HTML5 would need the REST interface for any operation in SharePoint. Also, some C# developers who mind the size of their applications may also need REST.

SharePoint Rest API – The Complete Guide

The Basics

Prior to your mobile or Web app performing any action with SharePoint, it must have the access authorization. You can validate a SharePoint user in order to have an authorized access.

Using REST to Communicate with SharePoint in a PHP App

The SharePoint Rest API lets you interact with any related app, using any of the typical languages and/or frameworks Web developers. You can easily talk to SharePoint in a PHP app with the REST interface. You can also obtain a valid access authorization token from the PHP app. The interface also lets you to use JavaScript cross-domain library to communicate with SharePoint. You will also be able to retrieve your data and related files, as well as upload any to a SharePoint doc library with PHP and REST.

Since the app inputs data to a SharePoint site, it needs to request the digest form from the _api/contextinfo. This is after it has obtained an access token from the relevant source. This request delivers the access token into the headers and it puts up to an SSL URL a POST.


You will need to have the correct URL if you want to perform a SharePoint REST API operation successfully. You can refer to the JavaScript object model citation for more info about REST endpoint URLs. This is because the interface is designed on the user object model. For instance, if you need to view the URL that is available for running operations with list collection, you can also refer.

The reference documentation can be obtained from, which will guide you on the SP.ListCollection. You may also browse through a REST URL as a user who is logged in and check the XML output of whichever GET request. This will allow you to view all the present data at every endpoint and its structuring. It might not help you with the POST request, however, it can assist in helping you make yourself known with the various SharePoint units and the available info in every endpoint.

SharePoint 2013 has a number of resources that will help in REST development. You can make your web or mobile app extra usable with the incorporation in the REST interface. Generally, the SharePoint REST API helps in the development of your documentation and online performance.

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