Extensive SharePoint Task Management Overview

SharePoint Task Management Overview

SharePoint is a technology that helps with website development. You need tools and technologies to create websites that carry on a lot of tasks in this Internet age. The relevance of the websites are immense from an organizational point of view, as they share information, collaborate and carry out tedious tasks and lot more.

SharePoint task management services creates, manages and build collaborative websites. SharePoint consulting services helps improve organizational effectiveness, accelerated shared business processes, and facilitates information sharing across boundaries for better business insight. SharePoint application development has contributed to various industries like Tele-Communication Industry, Health Care Industry, FMCG Industry, Utility Industry, System Integration and Networking Industry, Personal and Other Services Industry and Software Services & Solutions Providers.

Mindfire Solutions is a leading SharePoint application. Mindfire has worked upon various SharePoint projects relating to different industries. For example the System Integration and Networking Solutions industry have tremendous scope for SharePoint development. Mindfire has executed various projects in this industry; some of them are discussed here. Mindfire worked on a project called community site and the technologies used were WSS 3.0, SharePoint 2007, ASP.Net 2.0 & 3.0, C#, SQL 2005. It designed a subsite for an existing site with the community features to support Forums and File Library. All of these functions are achieved through Custom Webparts created using VS2005 WAP. Also, implemented custom logic for Content Rating and Document Approval.


Similarly, another product called the Product & Solutions CMS related to the system integration and network solutions was also devised by Mindfire. A SharePoint 2007 website was developed from an existing MS CMS 2002 site. All of the data and their corresponding relationships are stored in Custom Lists and are displayed on the web pages using Data View web parts. The site is branded completely with custom site definitions and custom themes. XSLT and XSL are used vastly to provide custom look, feel and logic for Data View web parts.

The Microsoft SharePoint domain is one of Mindfire’s unique strengths in providing Enterprise SharePoint Services. Mindfire offers a wide range of offshore outsourcing services, support and solutions in SharePoint. The SharePoint team caters to the varying needs of its clients – from SharePoint project outsourcing to having dedicated SharePoint developers / consultants on contract – we have a solution for all kinds of requirements. The services offered by us in SharePoint application Development are SDPS, SharePoint Site Branding, SharePoint Web Development & Portal Development, SharePoint Custom Webpart development, SharePoint SQL Reporting, SharePoint QA and Testing.

SharePoint development would facilitate enterprises with a whole host of tools and solutions, such as internet portlets, extra net, business intelligence tool, corporate sites, documents and more. Moreover, it boosts up the enterprise performance and productivity through the integration process, system and workflow automation.

It is very easy to integrate it with the rest of the enterprise level application like ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning), CRM (Customer Relationship Management) and more, but what are the practical benefits that SharePoint development can bring for the enterprises and organizations? Let’s find it out!

Document Sharing

We all know the significance of various files and documents within a huge organization and enterprise, but with the SharePoint development company, you can rest in peace now! SharePoint empowers employees within an organization to smoothly share the documents and files with each other. No matter where you’re located, SharePoint document sharing will help you share confidential files or sensitive documents with the employees of the organization in a more secure way.

Moreover, the sharing of documents can be easily downloaded and updated by the employees through SharePoint application, which enable smoother access to the documents or information across the organization.

Ease of integrating with most of all the Microsoft products

One of the most appealing benefits and features of using the SharePoint application is its ease of integration with a few of the most popular products from the Microsoft. If you approach any professional SharePoint development company, you will be able to integrate SharePoint application with other existing Microsoft product. It will unify the process of editing, reviewing or modifying the documents shared by the employees.

If you want Excel, Word, PowerPoint, One note and other Microsoft documents get reviewed, you can easily upload them over the SharePoint server.

Enable corporate search

If you’re associated with a giant organization or enterprise, you will be aware about the fact that such organizations have thousands of employees or people working over the same documents and files. In such scenario, it would be almost impossible to search for a specific employee working over a specific document or file. However, a SharePoint development company could help you search for relevant documents, files, employee, a group of employees and more on the go in an efficient way.

Hassle-free site management

Most of the enterprises work on multiple projects at the same time. In such scenario, it would become crucial to create separate sites for each of the project. With the SharePoint development, the site creation task would be much easier for the enterprises. Even the employee having zero technical knowledge can create sites on the go!

So, these are the practical benefits that every enterprise and organization can leverage from the SharePoint development. However, sometimes it becomes crucial to get help from a professional SharePoint development company for the same. Share your views in the comments.

In addition, with the SharePoint and Server integration – you can make use of system that you can easily set up and use to share not only project-related documents, but also the problems with your team members and other stakeholders. And since SharePoint has Office integrated in it, you can also take advantage of this solution when it comes to storing your Microsoft Office documents.

A Closer Look At SharePoint Task Management

When SharePoint is integrated with Server, SharePoint does not work as a standalone program, but rather as a component of the server. Once the integration is done, Server automatically configures SharePoint, although some manual administration and configuration may be needed.

For Server to work with SharePoint, both domain and local Windows NT accounts are required.

When everything is all set, you can now use your integration of SharePoint and Server to make web publishing and collaboration easier – especially in terms of communication and project sharing within the organisation.

What Makes SharePoint A Good Server Match

As mentioned earlier, for Microsoft Project Server to work – it needs to use SharePoint as the foundation. For you to fully understand how a project management system like Server still requires SharePoint, here are the SharePoint features you need to know:

  • Easily submit and view project documents as you create document libraries
  • Using your predefined list, you can track issues and even customize the issue template for every project
  • Your authorized users can create custom views, and add more fields for issue tracking lists and document libraries
  • Restrict unauthorized users from viewing and editing project documents and issues
  • Using an HTML interface, you can easily add users and do other admin tasks

The Communication Between SharePoint And Server

There are multiple methods that Server uses to communicate with web servers operating SharePoint.


XMLHTTP is what Server uses to request and receive data from SharePoint. One example is when you click Link Documents, the document and issue custom view lists will be displayed in Microsoft Project Web Access’s left navigation pane.

A portion of the user interface on SharePoint is displayed on the pages of Web Access. This happens as the URL of the SharePoint form is passed through the IFRAME. For example, you can see the document list when you open the document library.

HTTP Based Administrative Protocol

HTTP-based protocol is used by Server to remotely administer SharePoint task management websites. For example, as you publish a project to Server – you can remotely create a sub web using SharePoint.


Having a good understanding of SharePoint Task Management allows you to take advantage of the capabilities of this function, but it is important to keep exploring the many layers.

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