Sharepoint Templates- Your Complete Overview

When it comes to discussing SharePoint templates, there are plenty of important aspects that need to be taken into consideration. The application templates are out-of-the-box options that provide you with an opportunity to begin building your hosted site, or pages within your SharePoint site. These templates can easily be manipulated and altered, similar to building an SP pages right from scratch. This article would look at some of the most important templates that are crucial for achieving quality experience with this application.

Team Site:

This is a fairly convenient site that helps teams to organize, share, and produce information rather quickly. It offers lists and document library to manage documents, calendar items, undertake tasks, and carry out discussions.

Document Workspace:

This site provides a great option for colleagues to work together on a document. It also houses a document library where you can store major documents and supporting files. In addition to that, you can manage tasks lists to assign to-do items as well as link lists for handling resources concerned with the document.

Blank Site:

This SharePoint template is blank, thereby giving you an opportunity to customize, depending upon your own specific requirements.

Basic Meeting Workplace:

This is a site that you can use to organize, and capture the results of meetings. There is a list as well that can help you manage agenda, documents, and meeting attendees.


This site provides a great opportunity to directly interact with the visitors in the shape of visitor comments.

Records Center:

As its name implies, this template has been designed for efficient record management. The routing table can be configured by the record managers to direct incoming files to specified locations. Moreover, you can also decide whether or not records must be modified once they have been included into the repository.

Microsoft Project Site:

Supporting team cooperation on projects, Microsoft Project site is an excellent choice for teams. The site contains project deliverables, project risks, project documents, which can be linked to the tasks in Microsoft project server.

Personalization Site:

Companies are always in pursuit of some high quality custom SharePoint templates. The personalization site makes it possible for users to deliver personalized views, and navigation data. Moreover, it also contains personalization to specific web parts.

Publishing Site:

This particular template is an effective tool for spreading websites and publishing web pages effectively. Contributors are being given the opportunity to work on draft version of the pages, before actually publishing the information for viewership. The site also includes image and document libraries, so that you can store web-publishing assets.

When you save your site as a template, you are, in-fact, saving the entire framework of the site that may include lists, libraries, views, workflows, and forms. Likewise, you can add the site contents in the template. This can be useful as a sample content to help users get started with. However, bear in mind the fact that the template size can go beyond the default limit of 50 MB. With that said, these features make SharePoint templates a productive prospect for various types of users as well as applications.

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