SharePoint Visual Studio – Extensive Overview

Many people want to learn about SharePoint Visual Studio features. SharePoint and Visual Studio are two most popular applications offered by Microsoft. There are many benefits that are offered by these two applications. In this article, you are going to learn about each software, its features, and connectivity between those applications. It is possible for you to connect both software to achieve your goals easily. They are able to produce great results when they are combined together into one system. Here are some useful information that you need to know about the Microsoft SharePoint and Visual Studio that are useful for your needs.

The Microsoft SharePoint is a great software that you can use to handle all projects inside your company easily. It can integrate several departments into one system properly. When you are going to combine this software with the Visual Studio, you are going to learn about the Microsoft SharePoint designer. This app is a part of the Microsoft SharePoint family. This software can be combined with other tools, including the Visual Studio easily. It is a powerful HTML editor that you can use to create edit your HTML code. This free website design software is very useful to help you create Microsoft sites and website pages. You are also able to edit some of these sites easily.

Visual Studio is another development software that can work for any custom codes. It is also suitable for supporting the SharePoint 2010. All developers should be able to use this software for creating projects for the SharePoint. Visual Studio has new extensibility model that is called as the Managed Extensibility Framework or MEF. This feature allows you to connect this system to other tools, such as Microsoft SharePoint easily. You can combine both software by using the API. You can combine both framework and API to customize your Visual Studio easily.

Some Important Things That You Need to Know About SharePoint and Visual Studio

1. Workflows that are created in the SharePoint can be imported or exported to the Visual Studio easily. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about working in both platforms or systems. It is not difficult to transfer all data files from the SharePoint to the Visual Studio. Therefore, you don’t have to do any complicated procedures for combining both systems.

There is nothing special that you can find when using Visual Studio to operate the files from the SharePoint. Because of this flexibility, many people are interested to learn about the combination of Visual Studio and SharePoint.

2. It is not difficult to use Visual Studio to create proper groups for your SharePoint elements. All important things from SharePoint can be combined into a Feature. You should be able to use SharePoint solution package with “wsp” extension for bundling multiple features, assemblies, site definitions, and some other files into one single file. You should be able to store the data files to the server easily. This is another reason why many people want to use the combination of SharePoint Visual Studio programs.

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