Sharepoint VS Salesforce – And the Winner is?

The following is a comparison of SharePoint vs Salesforce for you to be able to make a decision on which is the best for your business. As a business owner who may be searching for an enterprise application software to embrace, you need to compare the software before you decide on one.

SharePoint offers pricing based on the user’s needs while Salesforce offers high prices for the product and comes with a lot of hidden charges.

With SharePoint, you can access online professional edition which includes full sales ,marketing and other applications including mobile and offline applications at a fair price of about $65. On the other hand, Salesforce charges a higher price of about $125 per month. There are also hidden charges that can end up making the consumer incur more for him or her to access the services. The storage space that you will be offered is also high in SharePoint which is about 5GB .This is a lot of space as compared to salesforce that offers only 1GB.

SharePoint offers 99.9% service level agreement while Salesforce does not offer service level agreement.

SharePoint is accountable for any cases where the product may not meet the service level agreement. This assures different consumers who are interested in accessing the services great customer satisfactions which is unlike a case of Salesforce where in case of any complaints the company offering the product will not be liable because there is no service level agreement offered.

Users of SharePoint can achieve in storing more content in the product up to 5 GB unlike salesforce who only allow up to 1GB.

Storage of files in making use of the systems arereally necessary .The manufacturers of SharePoint took it into consideration and they have provided enough space which is unlike salesforce where the consumers can be charged high amount when storing files in the systems. Salesforce actually charges twice the amount that SharePoint can charge in storing a given file.

SharePoint offers strong offline productivity unlike salesforce.

When making use of SharePoint, you can access offline data in making use of Microsoft outlook. This is unlike a case where you will be inconvenienced by Salesforce where when trying to access offline data you will end up encountering the problem of having to pay some amount for you to access offline data.

SharePoint offers fluent office interaction unlike Salesforce.

In making use of the software the users can really enjoy in making use of it in an office. The software has interactive features where the user can really enjoy working with a lot of ease even if it is the first time which is unlike salesforce where the user can end up incurring a lot of errors in trying to make use of the product .In the battle of Sharepoint VS Salesforce, SharePoint actually wins.

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