SharePoint Yammer Integration – Best Practices

SharePoint Yammer integration is an effective tool that enhances the use of social networking. Microsoft Sharepoint is a web app structure and platform. It incorporates content management, document management and Intranet, though the recent versions can also offer social features.

SharePoint Yammer Integration

There are two types of Yammer; Enterprise and Basic.

The Yammer Basic is freely available to every user and it offers a system that employees can team up with other organization members. On the other hand, Yammer Enterprise is an exclusive version that betters the basic Yammer network of an organization. The premium version is provided as Office 365 and as a single product with a number of SharePoint Online plans. The Enterprise also offers extra tools and resources that help organizations put up the paramount enterprise network.

You can either choose to incorporate SharePoint with Yammer or use the features of Yammer in the place of SharePoint. The options that you can choose from include;

1. Adding Yammer to the SharePoint 2013 Navigation Bar

You may use a toggle switch to substitute the Newsfeed link with a Yammer link at the top of the SharePoint navigation bar. This feature is incorporated in the Service Pack1 for the SharePoint server.

You will have to use a toggle switch in order to decide if to show the Newsfeed link of SharePoint or Yamer at the top of the navigation bar. This feature is on the SharePoint that comes with the Service Pack 1.

If Service Pack 1 is running for SharePoint Server 2013, you may select if you want the Newsfeed link of SharePoint or Yammer should be on top of the navigation bar. If you want to employ Yammer, you will Select Ativate Yammer in the central admin.

When you select that, it will replace the Newsfeed link that is on the above in the navigation bar to Yammer. To Add Yammer, you will:

• Confirm that the user account is who is performing such procedure is a Farm Administrators group member.

• Choose Office, then Configure Yammer on the Central Admin website.

2. Using Yammer In Place of SharePoint Newsfeed Features

If you want to enjoy the Yammer features, you might want to substitute the default social features of the SharePoint Server 2013 with corresponding Yammer features. You may also choose to remove the social web parts of SharePoint from ‘My Sites’ and ‘My Team sites’ then you may choose to hide the controls of the interface that offers social features.

To do this, you will:

• Amputate the Newsfeed Web Parts from Team Sites and My Sites

• Hide from view the platform that provides social features

• Install the Yammer App for the SharePoint 2013

• Include the Yammer feeds to the site that you want to use

SharePoint Server 2013 offers essential enterprise social functionality, but Yammer gives out a better enterprise experience that is even easier to use. Yammer can also be added to SharePoint by using the Yammer Application to set in a Yammer Feed in your Site.  In conclusion, you should consider SharePoint Yammer Integration  if you are looking to add a social aspect to your SharePoint.

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