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Microsoft Sharepoint training videos are a great help to implement the technology of cloud computing to simplify your work. Sharepoint is a tool that enables us to host interconnected websites that share data. This helps us to manage information more efficiently to publish reports. Thus, the main objective of Sharepoint is to clarify business intelligence by enhancing content management over the internet and intranet websites. Further, you may find WalkMe as one of the most user friendly alternative to sharepoint training videos for utilizing the technology of sharepoint.

With features like Content Management, we can easily access those data residing in our current working environment like MS Office. Collaboration with colleagues is also enhanced by this tool. You may publish documents over Sharepoint and share with people over the intranet and internet. Irrespective of the storage environment, the tool accesses the stored information without any manual assistance. Sharepoint also provides remote and safe access to the shared data.

As a Sharepoint developer, while testing a website, you need to configure XML, acquire knowledge about the active directories, Domain Naming System and SQL server. However, in most of the cases, a ASP .NET developer is not required to take these aspects into consideration. Nevertheless, the development phase of a project in Sharepoint gradually gets smaller with the increase of knowledge.

Sharepoint enables us to develop websites using New Cloud App Model for web technologies like HTML and JavaScript. You may further promote and sell a built in application through public store. A corporate catalogue may also be used to make the application available over the intranet. You may built in various attractive websites through flexible controls and hence communicate your vision to a larger audience.

A developer may easily connect with the co-workers and discover their interests, strengths and past projects on which they have worked on. For example, you may tabulate your data in an Excel document and share it using Sharepoint over the intranet. Hence, you can take into account the insights of your co-workers. Consequently, you may come across some experts whom you never knew. You may also customise your search setting to receive more relevant results in accordance with your need.

You may organize your tasks over the Sharepoint and plan accordingly to meet the upcoming deliverables. You may easily set up a new website for your project team and track the notes for the meeting. You may also bring together all the documents and emails of your project team. Consequently, all the team members remain connected. SkyDrive Pro, a component of Sharepoint, helps in synchronizing your own document within an organization. Using SkyDrive Pro, you may have direct access certain documents in your organization. However, the system administrator of the organization determines the storage space you may be allocated. Initially the document uses private access specifier which means only you can access your own document. However, you may later customize your access setting to allow other co-workers to access your document.

Besides these, you may also manage the cost of the project by reducing the cost of infrastructure by running Sharepoint with Office 365 in the cloud. Through Sharepoint an administrator may also manage Electronic Discovery. Thus, using Sharepoint one may spend more time to innovate application without worrying too much about the infrastructure.

In spite of having this helpful resource, sometimes developers fail to utilize it to its full potential. As a beginner to Sharepoint, you may face many difficulties to master its features and feel lost in the process. This is where WalkMe may come to rescue you. WalkMe helps you to understand and utilize the features of Sharepoint to simplify your work by acting as alternative to sharepoint training videos.

You will find WalkMe very innovative and user friendly to help you understand Sharepoint features like SkyDrive Pro, Content Management, etc. WalkMe overlays into the hosted websites and helps you to focus on your current job. WalkMe, the world’s 1st website to guide online business, thus helps you to reduce technical support cost and improve customer service quality. Hence, you may find WalkMe as the most helpful sharepoint training videos alternative for your business.

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