The Monthly 6 Must-Reads for All SharePoint Experts

Welcome to another monthly roundup, where we gladly save you some precious browsing time with a great collection of the best articles and posts out there. Here are the 6 most interesting insights we found online this past month, shedding some light on the SharePoint 2016, and offering some great useful tips.

Be more productive with new Office 365 training

The Office training team is developing tutorials to support five core Office 365 scenarios, including: “Get it done from anywhere,” “Content collaboration,” “Run more effective meetings,” “Email and Calendar on the go” and “Work like a network.” In this post, they present the first three scenarios, each consists of six tutorials with over 50 videos demonstrating how to use Office 365 in “real life” situations. True, this can be simplified a bit more, and so many videos are not necessary the best solution for fast learning, but it’s definitely a nice solution.

7 things CIOs should know about SharePoint Server 2016

In this article, Jonathan Hassell presents the top 7 things we need to know about what he calls “the last great on-premises application,” or, in other words, SharePoint Server 2016. He addresses the latest news of SharePoint Server 2016 being the last version of SharePoint designed to run on-premise. On his list you can also find notes on the Excel services vanishing, a mention of how there will no longer be a free version of SharePoint for smaller businesses or departments, and more.

5 Tips for Improving Document Findability in SharePoint

This is one great post, I highly recommend reading! Susan Hanley offers 5 tips for making document findability easier. Since search is one of the best features on SharePoint, it seems like a good idea to know some of the hidden gems we can find there, and this post provides us with exactly that. The two most important tips there, in my opinion, are to remember to give documents a title, and make sure we don’t use the same vague title for two different documents.


Is it Mobile First or Cloud First or both?

Here, Liam Cleary summarizes SPTechCon, where great ideas were presented, demonstrated and discussed. He focuses on a presentation led by Joel Olson, Director of Business Development of Konica Minolta Business Solutions USA. He talked about Microsoft’s new mobile strategy, and their focus on mobile space, with the conclusion that the best model now is the combination of “Mobile First” and “Cloud First.”


Top Rated SharePoint Sites for 2015

In 2015, 182 websites have been submitted to Top SharePoint’s showcase bringing the total number of SharePoint-based websites to 2,895. We finally saw SharePoint 2013 based sites launches overwhelmed previous SharePoint versions but websites built with SharePoint 2010 are still used in large numbers. This post lists the 10 nest rated websites in 2015.


Five points to consider before a SharePoint Online migration

This is a topic we’ve been writing quite frequently about. However, I always enjoy reading and sharing others’ useful tips on how to make this important process as simple as possible, and to save valuable time and frustration. This post, written in the form of FAQs, look at the differences between on-premises SharePoint and SharePoint Online, as well as the features and functionality to keep in mind before starting SharePoint Online migration.


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