The Top 5 SharePoint Add-Ons That Improve Efficiency

There are some SharePoint add-ons that can be used to improve your work efficiency. These add-ons are chosen because they are able to improve some functions of the SharePoint platform. You can find more than 100 different add-ons that are available on the Internet today. It may take a lot of time for filtering all of those items. This article is going to share top 5 products that you should install in your SharePoint platform. These apps are very useful to make your work more productive, secure, and efficient.

Recommended SharePoint Add-Ons For You

1. Prizm Content Connect

This is a pre-configured document viewer that can be integrated with SharePoint system easily. You should be able to deliver fast viewing without any additional controls. This viewer can display all SharePoint documents via browser. As the result, you can share your documents with other users easily. There are some additional tools that you can find in this tool, for example annotation, redaction, and some other tools. It allows you to collaborate several documents in the platform easily.

2. Social Aggregator

This tool is also recommended for all SharePoint users. It allows you to consolidate all feeds from the RSS, Facebook, and also Twitter. This tool can serve these feeds on the SharePoint platform easily. You can simply take a look at these feeds by scrolling your text list. You should be able to define the data sources easily. This tool also allows you to customize the overall stylesheet and layout of your document.

3. Meeting Manager

This is one of the most important SharePoint add-ons that you should have today. Many business owners want to use this tool for managing their own businesses. It has some built-in meeting features that can provide flexible meeting system. You should be able to manage your agendas, tracking system, invitations, materials, attendance tracking, and some other important things easily. If you want to have some meeting sessions with your partners, you may want to consider using this tool.

4. SharePoint Learning Kit

If you are regular user of SharePoint, you may want to take a look at this add-on. This system can support all instructors and students in any e-learning environment. There are some great tools for grading, giving some assignments, tracking, and some other activities. SharePoint is suitable for all educators who want to provide the best service for all students.

5. Nintex Workflow

Many people are using SharePoint for creating their own workflow. You should be able to use this add-on when you are planning to create your own workflow. You can maximize the benefits of the drag-and-drop workflow designing system from this add-on. It is a great tool for automating your business process via some automatic apps and data sources.

They are some essential add-ons that you can use for your SharePoint. This platform has a lot of benefits for all users. You should be able to combine all tools to support your SharePoint performance. You should be able to improve the efficiency in your work by implementing this system into your workplace. It is also important to download some recommended SharePoint add-ons to improve your business performance effectively.

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