TOP 10 (!) Misconceptions of Microsoft SharePoint

This amazing infographic shows us in a very communicative and simple format some of the most common misconception of Microsoft SharePoint.

Surprisingly, one of the biggest SharePoint misconceptions is that it’s often being labeled as “easy”, while the truth is far from that. In reality, there are so many planning to do before starting using SharePoint, including employee training, and there’s the requirement of revisiting in order to run it properly and effectively. Same voice can be heard under the 9th misconception…

Other than pointing out 10 surprising facts, this infographic encourages the reader to explore SharePoint in order to make the most of it. The importance of getting to know SharePoint is pointed out in misconception number 4, about the common mistake of seeing SharePoint as no more than a fancy file store.

Enjoy this infographic and remember to always doubt what you hear… About SharePoint, that is…

Marissa Hart is the Lead Author & Editor ShareMe. ShareMe is a blog focused on SharePoint Online. SharePoint Online delivers the powerful features of SharePoint without the associated overhead of managing the infrastructure.