Top 5 SharePoint News This Month

It was a busy month for SharePoint users. This post is meant to save you the precious time of browsing the web to get properly updated. It is a collection of the best, most practical and important articles I stumbled upon lately. If you think I missed an article don’t hesitate to post it on the comments section!

Practical and useful tips for using SharePoint and making you an expert

Liam Cleary lunched his useful, practical series, focusing on the ‘how’ of SharePoint. Liam has a lot of insights on the subject and is forwarding his knowledge in a very simple, intuitive, accessible way. Whether you are a newbie or a long time expert- Liam seems to reach us all so we could benefit from his experience.


Just got used to SharePoint 2013? Get ready for the next big announcement…

In this article, Brian Alderman discusses the surprise we all got when Microsoft released the preview for SharePoint 2016. The announcement is received with mixed emotions as on the bright side, the new SharePoint proves that Microsoft is listening to its customers. On the flip side- we just got used to the 2013 SharePoint and it might take some precious time to get use to the new one. All in all, I strongly recommend reading his interesting insights on the subject.


Winter is coming! (For SharePoint 2010…)

David Row is preparing us for the glooming upcoming future of SharePoint 2010. His insights on the subject are very interesting and intriguing as he walks us through what he predicts to be the “slow death” of SharePoint 2010. The most important conclusion he makes is that companies that stills use the old version would have to update their SharePoint version as the old one’s death note is scheduled to 2020 as Microsoft will stop its support.


The ultimate SharePoint problems solver!

In this article, we tried to cover some of the major problems we, SharePoint users, often need to tackle. To make things easier for everyone we used an “Error- Problem- Causes- Solution” model. Hopefully you’d find it efficient and useful for you as well for your business. By the way, the article is also for those of you who fear using SharePoint due to its problems, and we sincerely hope it will encourage more people to try it out and enjoy its countless benefits.


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